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Zombie tacos in Austin [Restaurant Review]

Stefi Hsia | July 22, 2022

There’s an overwhelming amount of tacos in Austin, but this review will give you an in-depth look at Zombie Taco and whether it’s worth visiting.

About the zombie taco

Zombie tacos in Austin is truly a one-of-a-kind place. Originally established in Chicago in 2018, their new Austin 2020 location is open 24/7, hosts drag shows every 3rd Saturday of the month and, of course, offers amazing bites to eat. The taco spot also offers different specialties every day that are really worth it, what more could you ask for?

With Zombie Taco located inside the Moxy Hotel, a young and fun new hotel, the atmosphere is lively. This exciting vibe is heightened when you realize that Zombie Taco is right next to the hotel bar, and I mean right next to that. (Zombie Taco is open during acceptable cocktail hours…)

Zombie Taco has everything you need from a taco, and more. Their specials, drag shows and location definitely make Zombie Taco one of the best restaurants in Austin.

Zombie taco menu

This menu has something for everyone, including vegetarian options. With tacos specified for different times of the day right into the wee hours of the night, Zombie taco is sure to have the right taco for you.


Zombie Taco serves its specific breakfast tacos from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and includes an avocado and egg white taco as well as a chicken and chorizo ​​taco that is $3. Their breakfast menu also includes a burrito called The American for $9, which is stuffed with all the goodies you could ask for in a morning meal.


Zombie Taco’s brunch menu has a few more choices, with taquitos, fries, and breakfast special nachos available to start. Available from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., their brunch menu includes five tacos and two burritos and is a perfect mix of their breakfast and lunch tacos. Zombie Taco Brunch has burritos for $9-10 and tacos for $4.


Austin’s Zombie Taco offers a lunchtime menu to die for from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The lunch menu offers fries and taquitos to start (a must) and 5 deliciously curated tacos for $4, although they give you an undeniable deal of 3 tacos for $10.

Zombie Taco Lunch Menu Ends With Their Signature zombie burritos (also available on the brunch menu) which takes pork, chicken, cheese, corn, beans, carrot salad and wraps it in a package of heaven.

Having dinner

Zombie Taco’s dinner menu in Austin takes all the delicious flavors from its lunch menu and continues it into the night from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. Zombie Taco decided not to fix what wasn’t broken and kept the same dinner menu but added their Adobe BBQ Chicken Nachos.


Zombie Taco’s signature Zombie Burrito available on the overnight menu.

Zombie Taco in Austin is here for you and all your adventures 24 hours a day. The Zombie Taco night menu is available all night from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. This menu includes the entrees and 3 tacos from the dinner menu as well as the beloved Zombie Burrito.

Location + opening and closing hours

The Zombie Taco pickup and order window on Guadalupe Street is open 24/7.

Austin’s Zombie Taco is open 24/7. Yes, you heard that right, these delicious tacos, burritos and snacks are available 24/7. The Austin location is directly across from the University of Texas on Guadalupe Street and has a window overlooking the sidewalk for even easier ordering. This accessibility makes Zombie Taco the ultimate late-night spot that’s there for you, no matter what your situation.

Online ordering process

Zombie Taco’s online ordering process couldn’t be easier. On the homepage of the Zombie Taco website, tap the Order Now button and specify pickup or delivery through one of their two food delivery services. You can specify a certain time when you need the order via pickup, but of course it can also be available as soon as possible. After preparing your perfect order, enter the necessary information and click submit, it’s that easy!


If you want delicious tacos, burritos or snacks at an affordable price, you can’t beat Zombie Taco. It has a wide range of flavors and an environment you won’t want to leave. (Although it can sometimes get very busy in the bar)

There’s often energetic music and games on tap as you sit and eat in the vibrant, hip atmosphere. Zombie Taco is definitely worth a visit and in return you will have a memorable experience.

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