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Wynn Las Vegas – Hotel Review, January 2021

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  • The Wynn Las Vegas is a popular upscale resort on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • The property, which includes the sister hotel Encore, has a casino, spa, restaurants, theaters, and more.
  • I was impressed with my entry-level room for $ 149 per night, which felt more like a luxury suite.
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Wynn Las Vegas, known more informally as The Wynn, is the flagship property of Wynn Resorts. It opened on the Las Vegas Strip with great fanfare in 2005 and typifies the second wave of Las Vegas casino hotels that opened around that time, with an emphasis on modern and luxurious aesthetics rather than on novelty and themes.

The Wynn Las Vegas has 45 floors and just over 2,700 rooms. It is also home to a large casino, a huge shopping complex, restaurants run by top chefs, a convention center, theaters and a spa. With its annexed sister property, Encore Las Vegas, it is the 7th largest hotel in the world and holds a plethora of five-star awards. The property easily holds its place in our list of the best hotels in Las Vegas.

Even luxury hotels in Las Vegas regularly have great-value deals, although high-end properties like The Wynn don’t often drop below $ 200 to maintain their exclusive image. However, in part because of the pandemic, many five-star hotels are offering heavily discounted room rates, and Sin City is no exception. When I saw an offer for the Wynn of $ 149 per night (plus taxes and fees), with a third night free if two nights were booked, I couldn’t resist.

I was a little scared to visit a Vegas hotel during the pandemic, but the new policies and standards listed on the hotel’s website assured me enough to book a stay. I was also keen to see for myself how the big properties and casinos in Vegas were really handling COVID-19 and whether the new policies were being strictly enforced.

The good news is that my experience has been very positive and I was quite impressed with the way the hotel handled health and safety. The Standard Rooms, which really looked more like suites, were also particularly impressive, and I would place them among the most elegant of any I’ve stayed in Vegas. The room amenities were exceptional, especially for the price. The resort was not running quite fully and some of the usual raffles, like live theater shows, were not available. But I would still recommend The Wynn as a great option in Vegas right now, especially given the current low start rates.

Read on to see why I was so impressed with the Wynn Las Vegas.

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