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Witness cover of Coast Salish artist available on new website – Peninsula News Review


A new interactive website makes it easier than ever to experience Indigenous author and artist Carey Newman’s nationally significant art installation, The Witness Blanket.

The installation includes over 800 items from 77 communities, collected from all residential schools across Canada. It was previously only available in its original physical form at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg and as a full-scale replica that toured Canada.

“The launch of the website brings a new accessible format for witness coverage, which will ensure it is available to a wider audience in Canada and beyond,” reads a press release. “The interactive website allows users to explore the piece in detail and provides information about its creation, and includes a teacher’s guide, resource guide and more.”

Witness coverage includes items such as clothing, photographs, letters, and even pieces of buildings. Newman sought to include objects that would reflect Canada’s diverse Indigenous communities.

“I wanted to do something to represent the experiences of survivors. Canada is a big country and over 150,000 Indigenous children went to residential schools,” he said in the statement.

The website is available at

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