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Website Review: Turn On Your Brain! – Newspaper

Even when we say that kids shouldn’t use electronic gadgets like cellphones, tablets, and computers too much, the use of these devices is still prevalent in almost every home. Whether abundantly or briefly, but it is.

If so, why not make your time worthwhile and engage in something unique with – a website exclusively devoted to science podcasts for children and all curious minds.

Brain in action! is an award-winning American public media podcast website for children and families.

Each week, co-host Molly Bloom (A Child) invites a child co-host, who introduces a question about the world, which could be anything intriguing like “why do we like sugars so much?”, or “how far can a cloud travel? etc.

Of course, as children you may have many questions in your head, they may be silly and unusual, but the website encourages all of you to ask whatever comes into your head, because no question is silly. .

Then the kids take interviews from experts in the field and help provide answers to the question posed in a fun and entertaining way. As for the language of podcasts, it is easy to understand, but sometimes becomes advanced and technical for young children.

The site offers more than 200 episodes available which vary considerably in length from seven minutes to an hour and provides all the necessary information on the subject, from the historical point of view to the scientific point of view.

There are segments like “Mystery Sound” which gives the child co-host a chance to guess what’s going on in a playing audio clip, and there’s a “Moment of Um” which briefly answers a listener question that is unrelated to the week. topic.

You can also experience musical interludes, game show-like segments, fictional character interactions, and children’s voices that bring the episodes to life. Some episodes take a friendly debate format and then move on to serious discussions and opinions on the subject, while others mostly stick to expert facts. So you have a lot to listen to, all the mind-boggling questions that only you mean your kids might think of are answered here.

I bet podcasts will literally make your time useful at

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