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Villa Agrippina Gran Melia Hotel Review: Now Brits can travel to Italy, here’s why this hotel should be top of your list

For months, I have longed for nothing but a chic and cosmopolitan break in a lively place that has much more to offer than good weather. Top of my list? The beautiful city of Rome, known as the Eternal City. I’ve had my own Lizzie McGuire Italian fantasy replaying in my head during this pandemic, and on this trip that fantasy came true in its entirety.

I stayed in the exquisite Villa Agrippina Gran Melia, which is the luxury brand of the famous Spanish Melia Hotels International. Famous for its personalized RedLevel service, Gran Melia’s goal is to immerse guests in heritage and culture. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the serene setting of the hotel, which made me believe I was in the center of one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

In fact, Villa Agrippina Gran Melia is Rome’s only luxury urban resort. It is a hidden oasis with exceptional historical sites, piazzas and restaurants right on its doorstep. It’s also worth mentioning that family-owned Melia Hotels International was voted the world’s most sustainable hotel brand by the Wall Street Journal in October 2020. Quite an achievement.

Villa Agrippina so perfectly combines luxury and functionality. Whether you plan to spend the day lounging by the beautiful pool or exploring the old cobbled streets of downtown, the options are endless. And the hotel has the perfect facilities to focus on wellness, including an impressive Clarins spa, gym, and bubble bath offering Clarins salts, shower gels, and scrubs.

After a busy day exploring the sites and eating way too much gelato, I thoroughly enjoyed it and also enjoyed *the most relaxing* massage to reset me for a new day of activities. Villa Agrippina’s attention to service and hospitality was unlike any other hotel I’ve stayed at, and my room (which had a view of the Vatican in the distance) would always have a little surprise that would surprise me. waited for each return.

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