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Trick Daddy’s Miami Gardens restaurant review – bombarded by Beyonce fans

Miami-born Maurice Samuel Young, known to the public and fans of the 90s as American rapper Trick Daddy, is in the niche. Or maybe it should be the Beyhouse.

Young, 46, became a trending Twitter topic this week after the audio of a conversation on the invitation-only social networking app The clubhouse has been made public. On Clubhouse, users can listen to conversations, interviews, and user-to-user discussions on a variety of topics, such as connecting to a live podcast.

In the audio clip, We can hear the young people say, “Beyoncé fucks with her because she sees money … Beyoncé isn’t trying to give back to music or anything. Beyoncé doesn’t write music and can barely sing herself. Beyoncé can’t. not sing! “

Beyoncé fans, known collectively as Beyhive, quickly fought back – posting negative reviews of Trick Daddy’s popular Miami Gardens restaurant, Sunday restaurant.

Uproxx reported that a multitude of one-star reviews suddenly appeared on the restaurant’s Google listing, each accompanied by a “bee” emoji. Scathing reviews managed to briefly lower the restaurant’s Google rating to 2.6 on Tuesday. (The side has since risen to 4.5, and most comments have been removed.)

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On Tuesday, June 22, negative reviews flooded Sunday’s Eatery Yelp and Google accounts in retaliation for Trick Daddy’s negative remarks about the singer.

Photo taken by Sunday’s Eatery Yelp

The restaurants Yelp account – which contains a large number of five-star reviews – also received a plethora of out-of-state one-star ratings, all dated June 22. The reviews were not removed, but the restaurant’s account was reported as media-related. activity. (New times tried calling Sunday’s Eatery but her voicemail was full.)

Miami food blogger Starex Smith posted a solidarity message on his hungry black man Instagram page, saying, “Trick is under attack because he said Beyoncé can’t sing. This man hires black people and has a black woman as a partner. They’re the ones I think of when I see how notes can sing. impact tourism. Disagree. They don’t deserve this. ”

What’s ironic here is that many Miami residents probably didn’t even know Trick Daddy owned and operated a South Florida establishment until Beyhive decided to go after him. The Sunday restaurant is a popular and well considered place where diners can, as Trick puts it, “eat a Sunday meal any day of the week “ – and even “Take it 2 Da House” via several home delivery options.

The menu reads like a collection of family favorites, fried snapper, catfish, ribs, shrimp, pork chops, chicken wings and Cornish hen. Several items can also be baked, including turkey, chicken, and fish. The sides include standard barbecue-inspired fixings like mac and cheese, collard greens, candied yams, peas and rice, and green beans.

The Sunday restaurant. 675 NW 207th St., Miami Gardens; 305-621-9600;

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