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Top 5 Most Popular Korean Restaurants in Sacramento, CA | restaurant review


This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


5. Modurang Family Korean Restaurant

If you’re looking for amazing Korean food and Korean BBQ, try Modurang’s. With quick seating and easy parking, Modurang’s will make you as comfortable and as fast as possible. Their side dishes will make you want to eat them forever and ever. The more expensive meals are definitely worth it depending on how much food you get and how flavorful it all is.

4. Hankook Tofu House

Support a local restaurant by heading to Hankook Tofu House. The small family business works hard to satisfy every customer. Their incredible food and delicious banchan will keep you coming back for more, and their kind and welcoming service will greet you every time. This true mom-and-pop boutique will have your taste buds giving a stellar review.

3. Oz Korean BBQ

If you want Korean BBQ and a bar, Oz Korean BBQ is the place. Drop by for a cocktail from their extensive drinks menu. Oz strives to maintain quality and a variety of meat selections, appetizers, beverages, and more. Their cleanliness and friendly staff also make it a go-to spot for many locals looking to get some delicious Korean BBQ.

2. Jeon Ju Gom Tang and BBQ

The new Korean restaurant in town is Jeon Ju Gom Tang & BBQ. It’s a small business, but the few employees do a great job of being kind and attentive to visitors. Their cuisine is traditional and authentic and their menu is a wide variety of your favorite Korean appetizer selections. The flavors were on point and the food was very fresh. Try this fabulous new place and be amazed by their take on Korean BBQ.

1. Blue House Korean BBQ

This restaurant serves you the best of their hospitality. Hospitable business owners like to treat customers like family and give them a new experience. With healthier options, this place will make you feel full in the best comforting way. Try their all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ or go for a soju, either way, you won’t be disappointed.

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