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Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Restaurants in Sunnyvale, CA | restaurant review


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5. Restaurant Seto

This authentic destination located at Borregas Avenue is known for its authentic Japanese cuisine food. The place is quiet and warm, and they have a varied menu that ensures everyone has something to eat. Their meals are served in an outdoor dining room and an indoor room that can accommodate many guests. They also offer many vegetarian options and the location is suitable for children.

4. nokori

The great Japanese whiskey bar at the Tetra hotel offers a pleasant environment with a great selection of Japanese whiskeys and tasty dishes. Its chicken wing karaage is crispy and delicious and is made from high quality products. The staff are warm and welcoming, and you can be assured of the best services. The restaurant also offers other services such as delivery and take-out.

3. Fugetsu

The spot is located and operated inside Rokko Japanese Restaurants, a perfect place to order for delivery or pickup. The restaurant serves Japanese cuisine prepared from fresh and fine ingredients. In addition, it houses a full bar that serves selected wines and beers. Visit the place for an authentic lunch or dinner and have an unforgettable experience.

2. Gombei Bento

The classic destination of Avenue Maude serves many dishes for the lunch. The restaurant serves fresh Japanese cuisine prepared by masters. The team of this spot is professional and attentive to the service of its guests. They cook limited vegetarian options in the casual dining room and offer delivery and takeout. In addition, they offer wines and craft beers collected in Japan.

1. Tanto Japanese Restaurant

The healthy destination is recognized for its unparalleled services and meals. Its varied menu uses only fresh ingredients, including limited vegan and vegetarian options. The restaurant offers off-street parking and private parking, and the location is ideal for children and groups. Additionally, they serve a few alcoholic beverages like beer and wine.

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