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Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Restaurants in Riverside, CA | restaurant review


This list is based on feedback from previous customers.

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5. Yuzu Japanese Izakaya

The restaurant is famous for its excellent services and fresh and delicious sushi. Yuzu is a family-run restaurant known for its sushi, and it’s a local favorite place for excellent Japanese classics. The prices are affordable and the sizes are huge. The restaurant is clean, charming and pleasant for a memorable and leisurely lunch and dinner. No reservations are offered, but takeout, private parking, waiter services, and deliveries are available.

4. Devil’s kitchen and teppan

There’s plenty of delicious food at Devil’s Kitchen. You are sure to come back to try her other menu items from her extensive menu full of tasty options. The place is cool and the comfortable temperature is ideal for special occasions. The quality and flavors used in the restaurant sets it apart from others. It has the taste and flavor of homemade dishes.

3. Jono’s Japanese Restaurant

Jono’s stands out for its teppanyaki with a choice of filet mignon. Plus, its juicy shrimp, fresh-cut lobster and scallops daily, as well as its sashimi and sushi, are why you should visit. Its Japanese chefs are skilled in preparing the best dishes and the staff serve customers with heart, making you feel at home. The welcome is remarkable.

2. Chabou-Wara

Shabu Wara is a Japanese take-out healthy food restaurant using local ingredients for its cooking. It offers outdoor patio dining, indoor dining, and delivery. It is appreciated for its famous sushi, grilled meats and Japanese fondue. Here you will have a fun and healthy dining experience

1. Sushi R91

Located on Route 91, Sushi R91 specializes in modern contemporary Japanese cuisine. It offers an extensive sake and wine list along with spectacular services and beautifully decorated exterior and interior decor. On weekends, you’ll enjoy fresh assortments of live oysters and seasonal fish and happy hour specials Monday through Thursday.

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