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Top 5 Most Popular Chinese Restaurants in Pasadena, CA | restaurant review


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Pasadena is home to amazing restaurants, cafes, and beautiful parks. With so many great locations, it can be difficult to find your ideal destination for the night. And to help you, we have compiled this list, with only the best Chinese establishments in the region.

5. Restaurant Yang Chow

Yang Chow Restaurant is a traditional Chinese restaurant known for its tasty traditional Chinese dishes. Yang Chow’s exquisite cuisine, attractive setting and excellent service will delight any diner. You can order it in advance and pick it up at their docking station, located immediately inside the main gate. They have three locations in Southern California; find out which one is closest to you and visit it; you will be pleasantly surprised!

4. oak inn

The Oak Tree Inn is a simple restaurant specializing in Chinese seafood dishes. The hostess and staff are exceptionally welcoming and attentive, ensuring that guests get nothing but the best dining experience. It is an ideal destination for large groups of people as the portions are so large that you will have to share them.

3. bone kettle

Bone Kettle is a modern, chic place that specializes in Southeast cuisine, but you can still find Chinese staples here. The menu offers a wide variety of Asian dishes suitable for the Western palate. A wide range of drinks is also offered.

2. Panda Inn

Panda Inn is a local chain that serves Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. They prepare menu items consistently, both main meals and side dishes. The dining room has a separate waiting area with chairs in the lobby, as does the takeout service.

1. House Lunasia Dim Sum

In a contemporary atmosphere, Lunasia Dim Sum House offers authentic dim sum, classic Chinese dishes and chef’s specials. Considering the size of the dishes, Lunasia Dim Sum House is a good choice for small or large groups. They offer a great selection of hot steamed dim sum with a distinct flavor.

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