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Top 5 Most Popular BBQ Restaurants In Milwaukee, Wisconsin | restaurant review


This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


There are several barbecue restaurants in Milwaukee, WI; However, few require recognition. They include:

5. Smokehouse

Smoke Shack is a great place to get up with colleagues, family or friends over a drink. Slowly smoked grilled meats are on the menu at this restaurant. The establishment has a reputation for offering courteous and competent customer service to its customers. Their meat is smoked in small batches to ensure it is of the highest quality, both in texture and flavor. No matter day or night, Smoke Shack welcomes voracious visitors.

4. Doc’s Smokehouse

Customers who visit Doc’s BBQ in Milwaukee can expect a great time due to the restaurant’s reputation for entertaining customers. In keeping with tradition, the meat is wood-smoked, spiced and cooked for a long time. They cook all of their meals from scratch using fresh, local ingredients. Dill pickles and white toast are included in all of their BBQ meals.

3. Double B BBQ

Double B’s BBQ is a West Allis favorite. This friendly barbecue restaurant serves smoked beef brisket and barbecue in an outdoor dining area with a bar. Mark Timber, a celebrity chef, has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Their fresh meat is expertly smoked using local hickory wood. Each dish comes with a serving of barbecue sauce to accompany the delicious meat. No matter the size of your gathering, the Double B’s BBQ menu is customized to meet your specific needs. Dining options include dine-in, take-out, and full-service catering.

2. Miss Beverly’s Deluxe BBQ

Miss Beverly’s Deluxe Barbecue & Catering offers barbecues in different regional styles from all over the country. There are several delicacies to choose from. Miss Beverly’s uses an infrared smoker and grill to achieve a charred look and flavor. Miss Beverly’s deluxe barbecue serves beef brisket, chicken and a variety of sides.

1. Red Rock Lounge

With the chef’s creative nuances and flourishes, the restaurant’s award-winning regional barbecue is made possible by different flavor profiles inspired by the essence of Southern barbecue. The Chef uses his blends to acquire the perfect taste profile for each piece of meat he uses in his compositions. Every meal at Red Rock Saloon is prepared with only the finest ingredients.

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