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The Riviera Palm Springs – Hotel Reviews

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  • Riviera Palm Springs is a glamorous desert oasis that combines iconic history with modern design.
  • Priced as low as $ 90 a night in the off-season and going up to around $ 200 in the busiest months, the Riviera is one of the best deals for a four-star resort in the Coachella Valley.
  • I stayed in a junior suite last spring and in a premium one bedroom suite this fall. I keep coming back for the stunning decor, the upscale room, the relaxing pool and the great prices.
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There are many hotels that hold a firm place in my heart and Riviera Palm Springs will always be one of them.

However, it’s worth revealing that some of my rose-tinted glasses are linked to the fact that I got married in the Riviera. Yet my love affair with the Riv began long before the wedding was planned. Supermod with a retro touch, elegant patterns come together to form a property that is just right so Palm Springs.

With rates as low as $ 90 a night in the low summer season (when temperatures hit 110 and above), hitting around $ 200 to $ 250 in winter and spring, even at its peak, this resort remains affordable for a four-hotel. stars. Other counterparts in the boutique easily come close to $ 350 per night, even during slower seasons. Some rooms are dated, admittedly, but asking for a renovated room easily avoids this pain point.

Loved by Palm Springs purists who relish a vintage retro vibe, as well as by pool party revelers wishing they had secured Coachella tickets, the Riviera is the kind of place you book when you want to feel like Elizabeth Taylor with a healthy dose of Rat Pack festivities.

I have seen entry level rooms and stayed in a junior suite and a premium one bedroom suite and think the mid level junior suite offers the best value for money refurbished accommodation prices with more space than in standard offers, and better rates than premium suites.

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Read on to see why I was so impressed with Riviera Palm Springs.

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