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The Ritz-Carlton Chicago (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

The view from your hotel is paramount. Example: The Ritz-Carlton Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. The chic hotel underwent a $100 million renovation in 2017, receiving a major facelift that proved as breathtaking as the priceless views. We arrived at the five-star hotel just a few weeks after its complete makeover, and it still lives up to its review expectations.

The 434-room, 30-story hotel on Chicago’s Gold Coast is visually awe-inspiring, and you often feel like you’re inside a beautiful jewel box. While the hotel is quite grand by five-star hotel standards, and dates back to 1975, marble floors glint and chandeliers hang down, making each space feel intimate.

View from the Ritz-Carlton Chicago.

Also, despite the size of the hotel, don’t expect it to be crowded. Guests arrive on the 12th floor, at the atrium lobby lounge (housing the restaurant and bar), and take a retro-cool elevator to their 15th-30th floor room. In addition to the lobby, the hotel offers a full-service spa, 15th-floor Club Lounge, large indoor pool, and event spaces, but amenities are strategically spaced out, so the hotel feels rather intimate.

The hotel also accepts pets. I brought my puppy Ruby, and she was always greeted with great enthusiasm by the staff and given numerous treats on several occasions.

Remember: it’s not a good idea to travel now. Wait for the lockdown to lift (Harvard gave a great report on when this could possibly happen). Our Ritz-Carlton Chicago review is from a 2017 trip and is intended to help you book travel after the travel ban is lifted.

Check out the Ritz-Carlton Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

The main “wow” factor: views

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