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The LaLee brings a taste of continental glamor to Chelsea: restaurant review

For breakfast, choose from potato rosti, crab crumpets and homemade hot waffles; while favorites like the LaLee burger, croque monsieur, and superlative Nicoise salad – expertly executed with candied eggs, juicy white anchovies, and a choice of tuna or salmon fillet – are served all day. When evening comes, it’s time to ramp up. There are oysters and caviar to tickle the taste buds in a decadent and shameless way; before elegant starters such as the artichoke salad with expertly presented truffles or the lobster and shrimp cocktail, garnished with tender pieces of tail meat.

As for the main event, the ‘Signature Dishes’ section of the menu features The LaLee’s stylish take on three beloved classics – Caesar Salad, Beef Tartare and Dover Sole – all served at the table. , the final blend carried out brilliantly under the eyes of eager diners. Among the dishes at the ‘Grand Café’ you will find favorites like cutlets and steak frites. Plus, vegetarians are gratifying, with a masterful thin onion pie, adorned with figs and pomegranate seeds, and a bubbly eggplant parmigiana sharing dish to feast on.

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Of course, a getaway around the continent wouldn’t be complete without a stay in milder land. Expect nostalgic dishes like apple tarte tatin, tiramisu and hot madeleines (just what you need for your own Proustian moment), reinvented with a touch of modern panache. Cheesecake, for example, is garnished with crispy honeycomb chips and pointed orange slices; while the creamy chocolate, with cute scoops of coffee ice cream and sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts, looks like a work of art (infinitely more delicious).

While we might not be able to enjoy the food, drink, and maybe a little bawdy-hand with Lillie Langtry herself today, The LaLee did manage to give lucky patrons the next best thing – d ‘in a fabulous way.

Artichoke salad with truffle

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