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The best hotel review sites and how to manage them?

There is no doubt that online reviews are important to hospitality. 85% of customers trust online reviews before making a reservation.

The best hotel review sites and how to manage them?

There is no doubt that online reviews are important to hospitality. 85% of customers trust online reviews before making a reservation.

Customers read up to seven reviews before forming an opinion. Which sites do they prefer? And how can you make sure you have a positive presence on them? Let’s explore.

Online Review Sites You Can’t Ignore

Online review sites abound. While general review sites such as Facebook may offer a larger audience, hotel and hospitality review sites will connect you with a higher percentage of quality leads who already need your services. .

Here are a few you and your team should actively engage with.


With 1.4 million hotel listings and 884 million user reviews [Statista], the traffic from this source is high and the leads qualified. Once you claim your existing listing or create a new one, you can add amenities and features, and start responding to reviews on the platform. According to TripAdvisor 87% of travelers have a better impression of a property that responds to negative reviews.

First choice for booking accommodation, has nearly 30 million hotel advertisements. Depending on the platform, when you book through, 38% of customers leave reviews. Being an influential platform, listings that have more reviews and higher star power are more likely to be seen and booked by travelers.

Responding to reviews, both negative and positive, is a good recommended way. suggests keeping a positive tone even when responding to a negative review.


Expedia and its sister travel platforms get more than 675 million reviews each month. Registering your hotel on Expedia gives you access to all of these travel platforms, including Orbitz, Wotif, and Travelocity. You can easily view and respond to customer reviews.

Although is another website under the Expedia Group umbrella, it has been removed from this list as it is a huge destination for people most interested in booking hotels or resorts. resorts for their travels. Reviews are still managed through Expedia’s Partner Central, making it incredibly easy to manage your reputation between two massive sites.


Google may not focus specifically on hotel reviews or hospitality, but it’s the leading general review website across thousands of industries. Travelers frequently use Google’s handy hotel search tool to compare properties based on location, price and, of course, reviews.

Once you create or claim your Google My Business listing and add your business to Google Maps, you can respond to reviews that guests leave for your hotel. Just like on TripAdvisor, you can even respond to reviews left before claiming your page, if any.

Common Mistakes Hoteliers Make When Managing Online Reviews 1) Not engaging with reviewers.

Are you a hotelier who does not respond to reviews? Or respond late? Or responds with defined standard responses approved by management? Your lack of response and delays or even standard responses are noticed by past and future customers. For customers, it reflects who you are and can become a barrier to getting bookings, as travelers seek reviews and their answers before booking.

2) Not responding to reviews.

You don’t have to start making changes to your hotel with every review. However, look for consistent trends in reviews and if you find any, these could be areas for improvement or even just highlighting them in your communications.

3) Not inviting customers to share reviews.

Unhappy guests may be willing to share their views. Satisfied customers are also willing to post reviews – they just need a few reminders. Integrate the request for online reviews into your service and communication process to increase their volume.

4) Rely on manual methods to manage reviews.

With multiple review platforms to manage, it’s not easy to log in every day to manage reviews. You may miss reviews or respond late. Instead, invest in a platform such as STAAH Review Minder which allows you to manage multiple review platforms of single dashboard.

It also allows you to make a To analyse opinions of your competitors, measure your customer experiences and set up alerts while providing actionable insights.

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