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The £12.99 ‘must have’ travel item that has thousands of 5* reviews

TRAVELERS praised a “must-have” vacation item, with thousands of people praising it.

The item has over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon’s website.


Shoe bags have been called a “must-have” by travelersCredit: Amazon
Pouch can be used for gritty or dirty shoes that need to go back in your suitcase


Pouch can be used for gritty or dirty shoes that need to go back in your suitcaseCredit: Amazon

The “pack all” shoe bags are ideal for keeping your shoes separate from your clothes, especially if they are sandy or dirty from the holidays.

Available in six colors, they’re water resistant and fold flat when not in use.

Don’t worry if you have big feet – the small bag fits up to size 11, but the larger size fits up to size 16.

On sale at Amazon from £12.99travelers sang their praises.

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One very impressed buyer wrote, “This product is on my list of travel must-haves.

“For years I crammed shoes into my luggage using every bag I had to separate them from my clothes and other items.

” MORE MORE. These things lock up everything, smells, dirty and wet shoes, nice shoes that you don’t want to see spilled and scuffed. I wish I had found them a long time ago.

Someone else agreed: “Great for traveling! I used plastic bags but this is so much better.

A third added: “These bags are perfect for bringing my shoes to work or for travelling. They fit perfectly in my suitcase and protect my suitcase and clothes.”

Another popular way to keep clothes clean is to use packing cubes in your suitcase.

Travelers and flight attendants swear by them for keeping a suitcase organized and clean items separated from dirty ones.

Vacationer Kimberly O’Connell claimed to have fitted seven pairs of jeans, eight shirts and a “week” of workout clothes using three of the packing cubes.

And one flight attendant wrote on Reddit: “I bought myself packing cubes a few years ago when I was traveling solo and they are the BOMB.

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Here are some other family vacation packing tips shared by moms.

We’ve also revealed other popular travel items that have won accolades from vacationers, including a nifty 2-in-1 blanket and pillow and a nifty bag that meets all airline carry-on requirements.

Packing can be difficult for families going on vacation


Packing can be difficult for families going on vacationCredit: Alamy

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