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Is The Tawny hotel concept the future of the Covid-proof hotel industry?

This writer thinks so and highly recommends that you come here to relax, detox and unwind, as The Tawny Hotel in Staffordshire is a hotel that genuinely offers luxury. and evasion.

In the heart of rural Staffordshire, far from theme parks and cityscapes, the traditional hotel concept is challenged. Set in 70 acres of bushy countryside, dotted with lakes, groves and follies – The Tawny offers each guest a socially remote refuge from the drudgery of everyday life. The design is truly exceptional and as soon as you step onto the long private road of the beautiful estate you can feel that you have come to a special place.

The review of the Tawny hotel

Rooms and amenities

James andre

There are a variety of different accommodations to choose from and each has its own private terrace and hot tub. Despite the tiny appearance of the simple shepherd’s huts from the outside, they are surprisingly well appointed on the inside – offering comfortable en-suite bedrooms with double beds and even log fires: perfect for a romantic winter getaway. . Larger accommodations include double huts, gazebos, treehouses, and boathouses.

I was fortunate enough to stay in one of the boathouses named Kingfisher – a two bedroom delight overlooking one of the lakes. It has a floor-to-ceiling glass wall and a large freestanding tub from which to enjoy the view. I had planned to spend the weekend there, but my three year old pushed me to the pole, spending several hours of the day looking like prunes and shoelaces of bubbles as he screamed of joy at the appearance of each duck, coot and heron. Who’s been there. Luckily the boathouses don’t have one, but two huge swimming options and I made our way to the private balcony where I let my troubles float in the huge outdoor spa tub.

wild animal hut
James andre

During our stay, the British weather was predictable and unpredictable – there was sunshine, rain, high winds and more on a two night stay; So I found out that this is an all weather hotel. When the sun was shining, there were miles of paths to walk around the property, with bridges and follies and a jaw-dropping outdoor pool (heated all year round) to explore. When the wind howled and the rain fell, I was just as happy, comfortably settled in my lakeside room, emptying the free minibar and stretching out in the huge and extremely comfortable bed. The decoration of the room is a nod to the traditional with a contemporary touch. The various accommodations all have their own unique color scheme and all have luxury touches such as velvet pillows, designer lamps and super-soft blankets.

The Kingfisher master bedroom is open plan with the living room giving it a wonderful feeling of light and space and there is a separate room with bunk beds for children (or adults), with a large shared bathroom and a second door leading to a private terrace. There are six boathouses, and although four of them are next door to each other, they are well designed so that everyone still feels very private and you mostly ignore your neighbors.

the beast
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The entire layout of the property as a whole is smartly laid out, with privacy and space seemingly at the forefront of the design (besides being eco-friendly and eco-friendly). The sprawling property currently boasts 55 residences, with more still under construction, and yet care has been taken so that you never feel overcrowded or imposed on by other guests. The accommodations are so well dispersed that the hotel has special golf carts to transport guests and luggage to and from the rooms if needed – the outermost rooms are about a ten minute walk from the reception building and the hotel. restaurant. Helpful receptionists are just a phone call away to arrange this and anything else.

Food and drink

fawn food
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The hotel has two on-site dining options: the more casual Feather Lounge, which offers delicious pizzas with imaginative toppings (highly recommended); and the Plumicor restaurant, which is their fine dining option. Both are located in a magnificent central building overlooking the estate itself. Both are also suitable for dogs, although dogs are limited to certain sections of the Plumicorn.

the Fawn Plumicorne
James andre

Le Plumicorne has an exceptional and imaginative menu: I feasted on impressively tender local beef and delighted in the local seasonal honeyed carrots, while the charred lettuce was a revelation I would highly recommend. Dessert for me was a rather whimsical take on an apple crumble that featured a realistic apple made from white chocolate with a center of mousse. Absolutely stunning. Breakfast is also served at the Plumicor and has buffet and menu options (and is excellent). Room service is available throughout the day.

Hotel strengths

the Fawn Plumicorne
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There is a spa offering a variety of treatments, and private yoga classes are also available on the premises. There are larger accommodations that will open in 2022 that will be able to accommodate groups of up to 8, but because they’re still under construction, some areas of the estate are currently off-limits.

What to do nearby

the beast
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The hotel is perfectly located for trips to a number of local attractions, as well as the Peak District, but I would recommend that for short trips you plan to stay within the grounds. There is something deeply calming about this place and I recommend you relish that feeling during your stay: we took a short trip off the property and regretted it. There is a limited phone signal but good WiFi so you really have the option to completely disconnect from the outside world and enjoy nature packed in five star luxury and – considering the past two years – don’t. isn’t that exactly what all of us need and deserve?

Best for

Immerse yourself in nature.

From £ 230 per night on Phone 01538 787664

Review of The Tawny hotel by Clara Maidment

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