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Superman: Son of Kal-El #10

Expected arrival in store: April 12, 2022
Cover date: June 2022


Screenwriter: Tom Taylor
Artist: Cian Tormey
Inking: Cian Tormey
Cover: Travis Moore and Tamra Bonvillain
Variant covers: Simone Di Meo/Rafa Sandoval and Matt Herms

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

The post-human members of The truth are watching Lex Luthor’s press conference. Jay refuses to cover it on the pirate show because they know it’s fabricated.

Lex tries to cast doubt on Superman (Jon) by using satellite images to show him as a killer. It highlights Jon’s actions in protests and himself in political events.

As the world begins to doubt Superman’s (Jon) judgment and begins to fear him, Jon continues the endless battle. In Ireland, Jon rescues people from a fallen monument and civilians begin to see him for his actions, not Lex’s words.

Dick and Barbara call Jon and tell him that Luthor’s conference has taken an explosive turn.

Lois fights her way to the front of the crowd and reveals that there was a bomb in Superman’s attacker’s head and that’s what killed him, and Nightwing made a written statement for corroborate the events.

The crowd is impressed when Lois presents Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and asks Luthor to hold it up in front of the world media and tell the world that this is not a ploy to frame Jon for murder.

Confronted with the ultimate symbol of Truth, Lex recoils, refusing to participate. This action speaks volumes, and when Luthor’s Gamorra Corps bodyguards attempt to end the conference with aggression, Jon intervenes with remarkable restraint.

Later, Lois reveals that the lasso was just a plain piece of rope painted gold and that she knew Luthor would embarrass himself on TV when cornered. In the interest of honesty, Jon takes the opportunity to come out to his mother and is stunned by her response.

Batman arrives unannounced and tells Lois and Jon to pack their essentials as they must immediately hide in a safe house with Jonathan and Martha. Flipping the press conference on Luthor and Bendix means they’re all in danger.

Jon asks Batman why Jay can’t join them in hiding and Batman tells Jon that he knows all of Jay’s secrets and that his boyfriend cannot be trusted.

To be continued…

5Story – 5: The scene with Lois Lane matching wits with Lex Luthor is worth it on its own. Jon ignoring the bad press was wonderful to see too. The character beats with Nightwing, The truth and Batman were short but helped push the plot forward in a very big way.

Tom Taylor continues an excellent race. My downside is that Ma and Pa are always mentioned but never present. I think they could bring so much to the book and to Jon’s life.

4Art-4: There’s not a lot of action in this issue, so the focus is firmly in the character moments. Cian Tormey’s art has a very strong emotional impact in close-up scenes. There’s a really unique style to the art. This title was extremely lucky in the art department.

5Coverage – 5: What a great cover. This series from Travis Moore and Tamra Bonvillain is breathtaking. I think of the three he is my favorite because you really feel that he is his father’s son. There’s such a sense of optimism and hope that emanates from it.

4Cover variant – 4: It looks like an animated cel from an anime. He looks amazing, I love the color and the movement, I feel like we’ve been waiting a long time for a Superman comic or animated feature in this style! Di Meo’s art overflows with energy. Please can we have more DC!?

4Cover variant – 4: The name of the game here is Superheroic. It’s probably the one with the strongest connection to the inner story and I’ve always been a fan of a cover that portrays the story it represents.

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