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Site review: Let’s make paper toys! – Newspaper

As children, you are interested in anything related to play and fun activities, whether it is outdoor or indoor play. However, during the current pandemic, it is difficult for parents to let their children go out and play. Therefore, all they want are activities or games that allow children to have quality time at home and this is where – a simple but nifty website – provides. a large collection of instructions and materials for children and adults to create paper toys. .

Like I said earlier, the website is very straightforward and you can see long lists of toy titles on the homepage. There are around 100 unique models; the types of these designs vary from landmarks (like the Chrysler Building or the Eiffel Tower) to vacation creations. You can see printable instructions for folding, cutting, and gluing beautifully decorated paper for each pattern. Some projects include a foldable design while others start from scratch with paper. Some toys are very easy to make while others are a bit difficult.

However, the website lacks interactivity for children; there is no option to share or show photos of their creations on the site. Most of the paper craft templates are in printable PDF format which can be easily downloaded. While some models include some form of image, like jpg. or in png format.

So kids, don’t lie down and waste time, let’s be creative; choose a pattern, print it, cut out the pattern and start folding it. Make toys from paper because the site has loads of amazing stuff for you!

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