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Site review: A new wizarding world! – Newspaper

Most of us have been pretty bored with the routine life in confinement for quite a while now. Finding a perfect source of entertainment and information sometimes seems difficult.

But hey, here’s an unexpected little treat from JK Rowling. Yes, you guessed it, this is the Wizarding World, but in the form of a website. Here is the introduction to “Harry Potter at Home” at – a brand new Harry Potter website for all young fans.

If you have an account on the Pottermore site, you can login with it, otherwise create a new one by registering here; however, the site needs your parents’ consent to join the wizarding world.

Once the formalities are complete, you will need to ask the Sorting Hat to choose a House for you, and you will be asked several questions, which you must answer wisely.

You enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter once the house has been chosen for you.

According to the site’s description, it has “all the latest magical goodies to keep you busy – including special contributions from Bloomsbury and Scholastic, cool magical craft videos, fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and more to keep you busy. novice readers, as well as those who already know the wizarding world.

As for the sections of the website, you will find a number of sections, such as News & Features, Quizzes, JK Rowling Archive, House Pride, Discover, Hogwarts Sorting, Fan Club, Gold, and Shop.

You can also watch a tutorial on how to draw a Niffler or Occamy, or how to make your own Ravenclaw laces by entering the magic-making section. Alternatively, you can embark on the Triwizard Tournament word search, take a tour of Hogwarts paintings, and relive some of the best moments from the books and movies.

This website at this crucial time will certainly be a source of entertainment for children and add a touch of magic to their boring days.

To enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter, visit:

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