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Review of WordPress, Squarespace and more

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  • A professional website can make you stand out as a job seeker or a small business.
  • There are platforms that can help you build a site, such as Squarespace, WordPress, etc.
  • Below, you can learn more about the best website building platforms, including those for coding newbies.

There are many good reasons to invest time (and even a little money) in a well-designed professional website. On the one hand, more and more job applications are asking for them, with many certificate programs now including portfolios as part of the study program.

But beyond the practicality, building a personal website can be a fun and creative experience, allowing you to represent your skills, personality, and individuality.

“Some people are more creative than others, some are more technical than others, so it’s only fitting that the deliverable we need from you is one that you would feel comfortable showing,” says Mac Lofton, a senior user experience design instructor at the General Assembly.

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When it comes to choosing a platform to build their site, Lofton says “the most common thing I see is students selling short, saying “I want to [build] something easy, and then, once they get started, realize they’re more creative and want something other than what is provided to them [by their website builder of choice.]. “

To prevent this from happening, Lofton suggests doing as much research as possible before starting your website. There are certain tools that should be expected from every site, but there are still many important differences that should be taken into account depending on your specific skills and needs. (For example, a graphic designer may have different priorities than a journalist or UX designer).

With the new importance of personal or small business websites, it is important to choose the right platform, so that you can focus on presenting your content (rather than getting frustrated during the actual building process. Said.) There is no right or wrong platform to use – only the one that best meets your needs.

5 great platforms to create a personal website:

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