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Review of the Teranka Hotel, Formentera: First In

Set the scene

The charm of Formentera has always been in its remoteness. The only way to arrive is by boat and much of its land is protected to preserve the Posidonia which is on the verge of extinction. This rare form of algae is what makes the water so clear, the landscape so sparsely populated and the land so sacred. It’s something to be respected and celebrated, and Teranka does it well. A 200-year-old Catalan door sets the scene upon arrival, beautiful in its natural splendour.

Teranka FormenteraClaire Menary

Inside, a sculpture of a meditating face invites guests to stop and reflect, even if only for a moment. The gym and yoga deck are outdoors, which seems at odds with the scorching high-season heat, but a brightly-lit, air-conditioned workout room wouldn’t feel right here. Maybe it’s a sweet encouragement to get out for the sunrise or, better yet, take a few days off from your usual routine.

The backstory

Opening a hotel on this island is a long process and it is almost impossible to build something new, but when the French art lover founder of Teranka first laid eyes on the hostel substandard that once occupied this space, his vision was clear. Airy alfresco dining, natural materials, and a soft palette of dark, neutral tones pay homage to the surrounding area, and the position away from the summer crowds makes it a haven of peace. Each characterization carries a meaning, even the name itself: “terra” translates to “earth” and “anka” to “soil”.

Green Sea Restaurant in Teranka FormenteraClaire Menary

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