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Restaurant review: Warm, savory and earthy fusions at Nawab restaurant – News

Dubai – Savor fusion and healthier offerings at Nawab, Jebel Ali Recreation Club

Published: Thu 18 Nov 2021, 07:56 PM

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a rich, creamy bowl of goodness, every night? We would all like to eat like kings, after all. Loosely translated, Nawab means king or queen if you had to explain it in 2021. So when we walked into Nawab, Jebel Ali Recreation Club, Dubai, while looking forward to a rich meal, we were wary of devouring another hearty meal, right after the holiday season. Fortunately, for us, we consumed a rich meal without guilt, and how. But above all, since the pandemic hit us, we have become aware of the distance that separates us from the next table; and the indoor area of ​​the restaurant is huge which instantly makes one feel safe and also gives an airy vibe to the place. We snuck out to sit outside after a bit, after all it’s winter and we need to make the most of it.

As we soaked in the views of Ain Dubai, our plate of starters, Beetroot Pops, arrived. But beets are an acquired taste, many will tell you. But if you want to try this earthy veggie, these fried popsicles on sticks are a great place to start. Coated in semolina, the stuffing retains its pink hue and the mixture of cheese and nuts makes every bite delicious. Fiery and savory, our main dish, Chicken Xacuti, a Portuguese-style coconut curry from Goa, worked well with an unusual choice of bread, oregano and sea salt naan. Nothing is known as a dessert in moderation, but what if you could get a dish (Anarkali), which features a combination of relatively smaller portions of Rasmalai, Boondi Ladoo washed down in Kulfi Rabadi? We vouch for this one, to satisfy the sweet craving by biting into the delicacy.

We might go back, because even when the menu is limited, it’s a good combination of desi Chinese and Indian food.

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