Restaurant review

Restaurant review: Pho B & T Viet Thai Restaurant

Michèle Bogle

It has been said that change is good; especially during difficult times like this for restaurateurs. When an economic model works well, it does not need to be changed. AT Thai Restaurant Pho B&T Viet, if affordable prices, clean welcoming atmosphere with quickly cooked Vietnamese / Thai food is what you are looking for, this is what you will get. Bark I would agree with Pho B&T who took 6th place out of 31 for Hamilton’s best Vietnamese / Thai restaurants this year.

With more than 20 years of tradition; this centrally located Vietnamese / Thai restaurant has seen other Asian mergers as well as traditional competitors spring up around them. Chef and owner Li Chen has survived without offering extravagant decor or elaborate plating. The restaurant has two divided sides and is large enough to accommodate large groups for a social lunch or for a business meeting. The music is cool and the waiters are young.

Iconic foods that help retain customers are classic dishes like Special B&T Beef Noodle Soup and the Vietnamese / Thai and Asian crispy shrimp rolls.

Quick service, moderate prices, clean environment and good food; it looks like the perfect recipe.

Check the Thai Restaurant Pho B&T Viet website for a full menu and hours of operation.

Michele Bogle is a freelance food and entertainment journalist based in Burlington.

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