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Restaurant review: Magnolia Social offers fine dining and affordable prices | Life

Magnolia Social, a new beer garden and restaurant, recently opened in downtown Starkville, with the goal of bringing great food to the Chester Hotel. According to them Facebook, Magnolia Social promotes itself as “elevated southern cuisine + handcrafted cocktails in a relaxed environment”.

Normally, I’m a little hesitant about new restaurants in the South or restaurants that have a southern touch. I have often found that in trying to imitate southern food, many restaurants overlook the rich flavors of the South and opt for heavy, fatty fried foods.

With that in mind, I was pretty excited by what I saw while looking at Magnolia Social’s menu. The menu offers some pretty traditional staples, but also some adventurous foods that aren’t as common at a restaurant in Starkville. Another notable aspect of the menu was the number of vegan and vegetarian options available.

Vegan and vegetarian options aren’t as common in Starkville, so it’s encouraging to see the different food representations on the menu. Kung Pao cauliflower is one of the Menu options, with a description of “crispy fried cauliflower, crushed peanuts, roasted peppers and green onions”. They have two salads that are also vegan, and if you get the Poke nachos you can get beets instead of salmon to make it vegetarian. Another vegan option is the vegan chorizo ​​tacos.

Mallie Donald, MSU Educational Psychology graduate student, attended Magnolia Social’s opening week.

“The bar was really nice and we had the fried green tomatoes; they were really good. Also the poke nachos with the beets. For the entree I had the salmon which was on butternut squash,” said Donald.

She also noted that the environment of the restaurant, especially the bar, was great.

“It was a 10/10 honestly… I really want to try the fried oysters and buy the tuna,” Donald said.

When I ventured into the new restaurant, I tried the Magnolia Social BLT. I’m always a fan of fried green tomatoes and adding them to a BLT is pretty much the perfect Southern meal for me.

The sandwich was tasty, tasty and delicious. One thing I noticed was that the sandwich had the perfect amount and size of tomatoes. Often times, when sandwiches contain tomatoes, they can be far too thick and soggy to enjoy the full meal. However, those thin crispy slices added to the other flavors rather than removing the sandwich.

Even though I had wished the sandwich to automatically include a side dish, it was still a very satisfying meal. I would highly recommend Magnolia Social to anyone. It has enough options to appeal to all the crowds and offers a wide variety of dishes. The prices on the menu are also very diverse, as customers can spend less by buying one of the handhelds, or go for more by getting a full appetizer.

No matter what your price or what you fancy, Magnolia Social offers a delicious complete meal.

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