Restaurant review

Restaurant Review Lucinda O’Sullivan: Bossa nova, baby! You’ll leave Cork’s new cocktail bar and restaurant in good spirits


Lately, with all the issues of rising costs and staff shortages, we’ve seen a number of restaurants decide to fold their tents, and that’s such a shame. They are all creative and hardworking people and I hope they reappear in due course. That said, it’s not all gloomy, as restaurants are also opening quickly. Indeed, over the past few weeks, I’ve struggled to decide which new place to revisit next.

his week’s deal involved a whirlwind on the M8 to Cork, to Paladar, a Latin American-style cocktail bar and restaurant on Bridge Street. Being the little brother of one of the best bars in Cork, this naturally piqued my curiosity. Its big brother, Cask, is just around the corner from MacCurtain Street and operates under the umbrella of Richard Evans’ Isaacs Hotel.

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