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Restaurant review: Lehi’s downtown food truck brings an all-American experience

Did you see the new white food truck at the corner of Main Street and Center Street in downtown Lehi? Welcome to 401Kafé.

“We chose to serve Lehi because we love the people, the community, and we are happy to call Lehi our home,” said family member Maeson Busk.

Burgers, fries, and a family of entrepreneurs is the one thing more like a small town in America than the corner of Main Street and Center Street. 401Kafe offers just that.

With a simple breakfast menu consisting of a sandwich (egg, cheese, mayo, green pepper and bacon or sausage) or a burrito (potato, egg, cheese, green peppers and bacon or sausage), the food truck satisfies morning customers with rave reviews.

“The breakfast burritos are huge and so tasty. I wanted to, so I put a few in the freezer to calm the urge. They are amazing! ”Merity Olsen wrote in an online review.

“I went there this morning and had the breakfast sandwich!” It is really delicious ! Green chili peppers make it so much better, ”wrote McCall Bateman.

If the breakfast is a success, the delight doesn’t stop there.

After driving the foodtruck for a few weeks, I decided to give it a try for dinner last week.

I used their online ordering system through Facebook, and it couldn’t have been easier. I opened the order page and was greeted on the menu with photos of the entrees. Who doesn’t like it? I went with the chicken fillets, which comes with a homemade barbecue and ranch sauce. I also ordered the fries because you can’t eat chicken fillets without fries.

I submitted my order, and it gave me an hour of pickup, about 15 minutes later. I arrived five minutes before the scheduled time and walked to the window. The waiter was very friendly and informed me that my order would be ready in two minutes. She said she would bring it to my car to avoid waiting in the cold. Excellent service!

I came home and really enjoyed my meal. The chicken fillets had a unique breading and the chicken was next level. It melted in your mouth and was perfectly cooked. The homemade barbecue sauce was a bonus.

The fries were also fresh cut and cooked to order, with excellent temperature and flavor. The portions were very generous.

Overall, this meal hit the mark. Great food, great location and great service. The prices were higher with my meal at $ 13.93, but local support comes at a price.

The menu also includes a few different burgers, a chicken sandwich, BLT, and a Philly cheese steak. You can also get your regular fries, with cheese, or fully loaded with cheese and bacon.

So what is the name 401Kafe?

“At first the 401Kafe was a joke, we always talked about how Mat (the owner and our chef) was going to open a restaurant one day, and the stars seemed to line up when we had the opportunity to open our food truck. We hope this can become our 401K, ”Busk said with a laugh.

Hungry diners can try this new local gastronomic stopover on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and lunch / dinner from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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