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Restaurant review: Kettle Black Kitchen on Monroe Street is nailing it | Restaurant Reviews

He has a kitchen helper on Friday and Saturday nights, but that person leaves at 9:30 p.m., leaving all the cleaning up to him after cooking all day.

“I’m not complaining. I love it,” Hamilton said. “But at the same time, if we were much busier, I think I would die.”

He said he hopes to get more help soon. Hiring is “hard work,” he says, even though he offers good wages: $15 an hour plus tips for kitchen staff and $10 an hour plus tips for servers. .

Hamilton, 48, is a New York native who grew up behind the bar in the Irish pub his father co-owns. Hamilton worked in restaurants in New Orleans, then owned a cocktail bar in Copenhagen, where he lived for eight years.

Locally, Hamilton was general manager of Stamm House in 1847 and worked at The Weary Traveler and Graze. He also had stints at the now closed Blue Marlin, Magnus Restaurant and Nostrano.

Kettle Black grew out of a business Alicia developed at the start of the pandemic, Shady Grove Fancy Camping, in which the couple rent two campers. In a spin-off, Hamilton began offering meal kits to campers and then to the general public.

Hamilton received $12,000 from the Federal Restaurant Relief Fund, which helped him open Kettle Black. David Rodriguez, whose food businesses include the MELTED food cart, Taco Local and Gaylord Catering, is a minority partner, said Hamilton, who manages day-to-day operations.

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