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Restaurant review: House of Ming at Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi

Located in the heart of the city, the Taj Mahal hotel and its heritage have always been cherished by guests. Whether it is their promise of “Tajness” or their exquisite restaurants, they have never failed to always put forward the best. And as a result of this culinary excellence, we landed at the iconic House of Ming one evening to cherish the Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine styles adopted by the chefs here. The hotel is currently undergoing a (gradual) renovation and prior to the restaurant’s temporary move we had the opportunity to have a final meal in the iconic House of Ming in its original location. We opted for an early dinner to avoid the rush hour and to enjoy our meal in peace. Interiors have been done in subtle tones with minimal decor and a warm, cozy feel, and we can’t wait to see what the new avatar will bring.

Tasting Notes:
As soon as we got settled in and were comfortable we were served an appetizer – pickled cabbage. Then there was a personal favorite – the dumplings. While one can find various places to binge on dumplings in the city, there is none that does them as well as Ming House. We got our hands on the spinach and golden garlic, chicken, shrimp and pan-seared vegetable balls. Each one steams to perfection, generous in garnish and exquisite in taste.

We then moved on to a variety of small plates, including chengdu eggplant, sautéed beans with white beans, chicken tai-chin kai, crispy broccoli with butter and chili sauce, and their signature butterfly shrimp. Each of the dishes was rich in flavor, texture, portion size and presentation. Not only did it leave us quite full, but also gave us a good idea of ​​why someone would keep coming back – simply because they serve the best Chinese people in town.

The iconic butterfly shrimps

Next, let’s move on to Ming’s classic lemon soup with vegetables. On an unusually cold evening, the soup felt like a warm embrace. And as winter sets in fully in the capital, we can only imagine how heavenly the soup would taste now.

As for the main course, my non-vegetarian dinner mate opted for diced chicken in a spicy black bean sauce and I opted for the smoked chili with soy chunks and tofu, both prepared and served in delicious homemade sauces. As for the sides, we went for the udon noodles with mesclun, golden garlic fried rice, and seafood jasmine fried rice (topped with shrimp). While all of the dishes captured our hearts, the main courses were what stole the show, simply because of their touching preparation. Striking the right match with spice levels, flavors, and portion sizes, they make for a great dining experience. We rounded it off with a traditional Chinese dessert, date pancakes.

One of the main dishes, rice with seafood

The best part of the meal you ask? All of the delicacies we had have been served since the early 1980s and we knew exactly what year each dish was born in, all thanks to Mr. Hem’s expertise and memory in dates.

What we would stay there for:
We totally go back for the culinary excellence, the warm hospitality of Mr. Hem Prakash and his suggestions for beginners and of course the divine ravioli.

Did you know:
The hotel has served guests for over four decades, since its inception in 1978.

Ming House, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road
Phone: +911166513241/3242

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