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Restaurant Review: Honest Burgers Limited Edition Singapore Special


In recent years, the humble burger has been taken to the next level, with descriptions such as “gourmet” and “chic” to add an extra touch of class.

This trend has continued in St Albans with the opening of Honest Burgers in Christopher Place last year, offering a tasty fusion of burgers and beer in a rustic, atmospheric setting.

It’s not all meat either, as the focus is on plant-based alternatives and even an Indian-spiced vegetable fritter.

The sides are pretty awesome too, as you can enhance your meal with veggie bacon ketchup, beef and bacon gravy, and chipotle mayonnaise, but given the love and attention that goes into at basic meals, you may not need to bother.

We opted to sample the limited-edition Singaporean burger (only available in August), inspired by a visit to the Far Eastern nation by Honest Food Team collaboration chef Adam Layton and a few -one of their chefs – and is described as a twist on traditional Zi Char – or “cook and fry” – cuisine.

Herts Advertiser: A Chilli 2.0 at Honest Burgers in St Albans.Chili 2.0 at Honest Burgers in St Albans. (Image: Laura Bill)

It was a punchy mix of buttermilk cereal fried chicken leg, bacon, American cheese, sambal confit garlic mayo, red onion, lettuce and smothered cucumber pickles that are explosive thanks to an infusion of tamarind, sambal, black bean and chilli.

Next to the bird came the ox. A Chili 2.0 to be precise, which consisted of a beef patty, hot sauce, thin fries, bacon, chili cheese, red onions, red jalapenos and lettuce. Taking nothing away from the sumptuous flavors, it could have been a bit spicier for my taste, so maybe I’ll opt for some extra hot sauce next time.

The portions were simply stunning and came with a generous portion of savory rosemary house fries, fries to die for, if you like. We split our burgers in half to make sure we tasted both dishes, which was definitely a good idea and avoided overcrowding with either option.

It’s worth mentioning that the St Albans restaurant no longer offers draft beers – only bottles and cans – but being in the middle of the working day we weren’t too disappointed and opted for a homemade lemonade instead. The mint version tastes like a non-alcoholic mohito if that’s your thing!

Herts Announcer: Lemonade and mint lemonade.Lemonade and lemonade with mint. (Image: Laura Bill)

Most residents will be aware of the outdoor seating area, which is perfect when the weather is as hot as lately, but inside there is plenty of room (it’s the old Carluccio), and it looks like it would be ideal for large family celebrations. or an evening with friends.

If you haven’t checked out Honest Burgers yet, don’t delay any longer, I sure regret not coming before now and aim to make this a regular choice for future lunches!

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