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Restaurant review: Gallow Green – The Knockturnal

Your new favorite rooftop restaurant

Rooftop bars and restaurants are the unspoken backbone of New York dining. There is nothing quite like going to a rooftop restaurant with a group of friends on a beautiful summer evening. And a hidden gem that we tried recently was a place called Gallow Green located at the top of the McKittrick hotel. With a variety of foliage and greenery lining every square inch of this open-air restaurant, Gallow Green is the place to be if you’re in the mood for an incredible ambiance as well as delicious food. And to make things even better, Gallow Green has now added a variety of brick oven pizzas to their menu that are available exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays of each week. And we had the chance to sit down and try their new menu items, which made them one of our favorite tastings to date.

Gallow Green has some of the most interesting cocktails we’ve seen. For context, Gallow Green sits at the top of the space which hosts a variety of incredible theater performances, including the infamous Sleep No More. With that, many of their cocktails are inspired by the shows that take place here. To start, we tried the Sleep No More cocktail accompanied by the Gallow Green cocktail. The Sleep No More cocktail is made with vodka, elderflower, butterfly pea flowers, citrus and cider. The drink was visually stunning and had a wonderful scent with the accompanying lavender garnish. When we took our first sip, we encountered a delicious sweetness that paired perfectly with the subtle floral note of the drink. And with the cider splash in the drink, it gave a little extra brightness that keeps you coming back for more. Gallow Green is made with bourbon, graham crackers, ginger, citrus, and blue curacao. This drink was a star for sure. The natural flavors of the bourbon didn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients and the drink was light and refreshing. The addition of citrus also played well with the bourbon and added a wonderful luminosity to the drink. Paired with the graham cracker it added a lovely, subtle sweetness that added balance to the drink as a whole.

To start, we tried the Lobster Roll made with a lobster salad that sits on a split-top potato roll and is served with Old Bay chips. When we ate the first bite, we immediately noticed how soft and chewy the roll was. And accompanied by the juicy and sweet lobster salad for such a great bite. What was even more impressive was that the roll was not soggy at all with the salad, which made it a great vehicle for lobster. The combination was a great pairing, with very simple flavors that present themselves in the best way. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can even add some crispy crisps that come on the side to add a little more texture to each piece.

And to finish our meal we had to try some of the new pizzas they have on the menu. We went with a Classic Margarita Pizza with one of our favorite pizza types, a prosciutto pizza.

The Margarita pizza was made with bianco tomato sauce, basil, parmesan and mozzarella fiori di last. As simple and traditional as this pizza might sound, it was actually a big difference to us. The sauce was exceptional, so light and had a rich sweetness that wasn’t too overwhelming. The bottom of the pizza was crisp without being burnt and had that smoky charcoal taste you like to get with brick oven pizza. And the cheese on the pizza was light and didn’t have as much moisture as it made the pizza soggy which was great. The mozzarella was good and tasty and paired with the salty parmesan for a great bite. And lastly, the pizza crust was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside which made it so pleasant to eat.

To follow, we had the Prosciutto pizza. This was made with arugula, burrata, parmesan, prosciutto, and extra virgin olive oil. For starters, I’m usually a little careful when ordering prosciutto pizzas made with burrata only because the moisture in the cheese usually makes the pizza soggy. With that, we were really surprised to see that the pizza in front of us wasn’t so soggy to the point that all the ingredients fell out when you pick up the pizza. Burrata and Parmesan play well together where the creaminess of the burrata softens the salinity of the Parmesan. Prosciutto also has a savory and salty flavor. And the arugula gives a peppery taste that goes wonderfully with the flavors of cheeses and prosciutto. The dough and crust of this pizza had the same texture and consistency as the Margarita pizza, which made it also enjoyable.

Finally, we really enjoyed the food at Gallow Green. The decor of this restaurant was beautiful and a perfect place to impress on a date or hang out with friends. Chef Pascal LeSeac’h has created a wonderful menu full of tasty offerings. The food was really delicious and the recently added pizzas are a must to eat. A traditional brick oven pizza is a perfect item to have for any dinner party, so be sure to check out Gallow Green (especially Fridays or Saturdays) when you get the chance.

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