Restaurant review

Restaurant review: El Tapas Grá… cuisine made with love and full of flavor

Derry City has Galway vibes. That was the verdict of our youngest after a family day trip to Maiden City during Twixmas. We went to the Tower Museum, walked around the walled circumference of the Old Town, paid homage to the Free Derry corner, and tried unsuccessfully to enter Peadar O’Donnell’s (there was no room at the hostel thanks to Covid seating restrictions). And when we walked through the doors of El Tapas Grá for something to eat before heading back to Belfast, I knew exactly what she meant.

rockin ‘, pumpin’ the soundtrack greets you. It’s loud enough to stomp your foot, but not so much that it turns the conversation into a screaming match. The reception staff are in the know and immediately after checking our vaccination QR codes we waste no time wandering through the cozy bare brick and wood-paneled dining room to a table by the window overlooking bustling Waterloo Square and take a drink order.

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