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By Laraib Anwer

Published: Thu 15 Sep 2022, 06:37 PM

Located in the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dubai, Miss Lily’s is a hidden cave in its own right. With dim lights, a relaxing atmosphere and groovy tunes all afternoon, this restaurant offers the perfect getaway without you having to leave town. For their special brunch menu curated for your afternoons, they’ve compiled some of their best dishes to make sure you taste it all. Starting with the entrees, customers have the option of choosing between their beef, chicken, and callaloo patty. We opted for the beef patty, which was juicy and tender. Next are the sweet corn fritters, made with roasted sweet corn salsa, tomatoes, and chili peppers. These donuts were freshly made and had an explosion of flavor. Stuffed scotch bonnet peppers are a feast for the eyes, with a burst of color, while red and yellow peppers are bursting with spice. Finally, for all the seafood lovers out there, the coconut prawns are the icing on the cake, with their crispy layers and coconut essence.

For the main course, diners have a choice of an egg dish with pancakes and sides, or their main courses. For meat lovers, jerk chicken and world famous chicken and waffles are desired options. Both plates of chicken are substantial, one glistening with sauce and the other atop a massive layer of waffles dripping with maple syrup. The combination of waffles and chicken may seem odd to some, but the subtle blend of sweetness and spice makes for a great dining experience. Finally, to top off the brunch, we had the sweet potato pudding made with coconut cream, vanilla nutmeg and roasted oats, a perfect dessert for health conscious eaters. With its large portions and spice-filled dishes, Miss Lily’s is an unmissable experience.

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