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January 7, 2019


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In certain situations you just need help quickly. The car has to be repaired or a big bill has to be paid. Not always you want to use up the savings to pay expensive expenses for the family and then come in further financial shortages. Maybe you just want to quickly secure the offer for the dream trip, with which you save money.

Whatever you need a quick cash injection, the rapid credit of current match is exactly the right solution. With just a few clicks, you will receive your instant loan and can take out a quick loan. The processing of the request is done in real time – that means no second is lost. As an online platformmatch also waives paper documents and salary documents. We process your loan online quickly and without delay.

Your advantages with the online fast loan

  • Real-time: instant confirmation in seconds
  • Speed ​​counts: payout in 24 hours
  • Simple: Even with medium credit
  • Without submitting documents possible

Save yourself the way to the nearest bank branch and apply for your fast loan online.match offers you an anonymous request for a quick and easy way to secure your financing . Of course, we pay attention to the request of your personal needs. Thus, the quick loan can be applied despite Schufa, since the request is always schufaneutral. Thus, it is worthwhile even with preloaded the non-binding and free request to ask.

Prerequisite for the quick loan

For a quick loan to be paid, various conditions are necessary. There are differences between the legal requirements and the requirements of speed credit providers on the Internet.

Fast credit: fixed requirements when applying

By law, the borrower must be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan, which means he must be of legal age. This also applies to Girizard’s fast loan. In addition to age, it is necessary that the permanent residence is in Germany. The third hard criterion is a bank account at a German bank. Your IBAN must begin with “DE” (for “Germany”). A quick loan from Austria or Switzerland is unfortunately not possible.

  • Of age (over 18 years)
  • Primary residence is in Germany
  • Bannkkonto at a German bank

Soft conditions for a quick payout

If the tough criteria are met, then the application is nothing in the way! Of coursematch respects the credit check on a certain basic income. The basic income should be at least 500 euros and received monthly. This payment should also be verifiable by the money received in the account. So if you need credit fast, you should meet the following additional requirements to get it right:

  • Monthly basic income
  • “Medium” credit rating or higher
  • Solid employment of advantage

Of course, a small quick loan online is associated with lower requirements than a large loan for a property. As a result, the fast loan is similar to a microcredit or an express loan . For these forms of loans, the credit check is easier and the application is possible with a biased Schufascore. This is often known as a quick loan without Schufa , although “despite Schufa” would be a better name. Because with every almost every loan we consulted the Schufa. However, providers of short-term loans are not as strict on the valuation as a regular income is sufficient.