Personal Loans: reviews on loan and assignment of the fifth

January 7, 2019


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If you are interested in applying for loans then this page will be very useful to know the opinions of users who have received funding from this company. Before proceeding with the loan application it is in fact important to read the customer reviews to know what they think of the treatment received from the financial and would recommend it to a friend. Let’s see what the opinions are about the main characteristics that are sought in a loan, starting from the economic conditions of the personal loan . By choosing this product you can access an amount that reaches up to 30,000 euros. “My experience with was excellent. I was interested in a personal loan of 20,000 euros for the purchase of a car and before proceeding with the request I compared different quotes , which prompted me to choose the loan for convenience and flexibility “. This is just one of the many positive opinions that we have found by visiting the major industry forums, which shows how the personal loans are perfect even for lower amounts: “I asked for a loan of 5,000 euros to buy some furniture. ‘s consultants were immediately very friendly and helpful, and the terms of the loan were excellent even compared to the competition “.

As for the economic treatment, the opinions published online by customers confirm what can be seen simply by performing an online simulation on the company’s website. A very important feature of personal loans for which it is necessary to read user reviews is the timing of disbursement . On the website, it is underlined how the disbursement takes place within 48 hours from the acceptance of the request for funding. But is it really like that? From the opinions we have found online, delivery times are extremely low and usually do not exceed two days. “I needed an urgent loan and I turned to . I was immediately reassured and actually after only one day the money requested by me was available on my current account “. Many opinions are particularly concise but confirm what has been said so far: ” Professional and fast “, ” Very fast and fast “, ” Efficient and extremely fast service . With there is maximum transparency and the costs of financing are very competitive “.

To evaluate a financial product, it is also good to analyze the negative reviews . Although the former are many more, from the negative ones you can find some faults of the loans. In particular, some users complain about the delivery times: “They say that the disbursement takes place in just 48 hours but then I had to wait 9 days for the approval of my request for funding. It was an urgent loan for the purchase of a washing machine. By contacting customer service I have not received clear answers regarding the reasons for the delay in approval “. Another customer was even worse: ” I waited 15 days to receive a loan of 4000 euros even though I was already an customer and had just finished repaying a loan of 8 years”. The waiting times for the disbursement of the personal loan depend on various factors such as the customer’s economic situation and the checks carried out by the company. In some cases there may be hitches in practice as can happen to any company, which is why we feel we do not give too much weight to negative reviews on loans.

Among the features that are highlighted in the positive reviews is the great flexibility of loans. “I needed a loan of 25,000 euros but not having a particularly high monthly income I wanted to set light installments . With the personal loans I had the chance to choose a repayment plan lasting 10 years! “. personal loans have a duration ranging from 12 months up to 120 months and which can be chosen by the customer at the time of the request according to their needs. Moreover, as can be seen from many positive reviews published online, all the additional services offered by to its customers are also highly appreciated. “I found the Installment Jump and Rata Change options very interesting. With the loans you have the possibility to change the characteristics of the loan during repayment , without any additional cost “; “With the personal loans, I had a great time. Thanks to the Salto Rata option I could avoid paying the repayment installment set in a month when I had to face several unexpected expenses: without this service I do not know how I could have done it! “.

Review: withdrawal times and loan conditions

A particular form of financing offered by is the sale of the fifth . This type of loan, as you probably already know, is aimed exclusively at employees and pensioners. Also in this case we take a look at the opinions of users to see if it is a convenient solution or not. The first thing that is highlighted in the many positive reviews published online concerns the required requirements. “Thanks to the sale of the fifth , I was able to receive the 20,000 euro loan I wanted without any real guarantee . The paycheck was enough to gain access to the credit “. With the sale of the fifth you have an advantage from the point of view of the guarantees but not only, since it is the ideal solution even for those who are in a particular situation: “I have been reported in the past as a bad payer and this has brought many banks to deny me any kind of financing. With the sale of the fifth with the presentation of the paycheck, I was able to receive the 10,000 euro loan I needed. The staff was very kind and very fast “.

With the sale of the fifth it is therefore possible to receive the sum of money desired simply by presenting the paycheck or the pension slip. For this reason , delivery times are also lower than other forms of loans: “Thanks to the completely online application procedure, I was able to proceed with sending the application in a few minutes . Once I received the positive reply from it took less than a day to have the 8,000 euros I had requested “. Very satisfied with the delivery times is another customer who underlines that “With the sale of the fifth I received the 5,000 euros I needed in just 2 days . For the request I went to the branch where I found a very well prepared consultant who advised me the most convenient solution for me “. Therefore, with the assignment of the fifth, the withdrawal times are reduced, given that the only guarantee is the income document and no further verification by the company is required.

The economic treatment offered with the sale of the fifth is perfect for all those who are interested in receiving a loan but with light installments. With this type of loan the amount that we will pay each month can not exceed one fifth of the salary or net pension received. Users of the main forums are fully satisfied with the loan terms offered by with the transfer of the fifth. “I requested the transfer of the fifth because I needed a loan of 10,000 euros . My salary is € 1,200 per month , so based on what is specified on the website, the maximum rate that I can face is € 240 . With the sale of the fifth I was offered a repayment plan for 48 months , with comfortable installments of 235 euros “. This is just one of the many positive experiences that underline the fact that it is very useful to fix light installments in order to avoid problems with repayment.

So the reviews regarding the sale of the fifth are for the most part very positive. For this reason we would like to recommend this type of loan as well as all other forms of personal loans offered by . As emphasized in the opinions published by the users of the main forums in fact this company is very reliable and the staff is extremely available for any need, either by going to the branch or by contacting the company by phone. We have also seen how the personal loans are among the best around first of all in terms of delivery times, since it takes less than 48 hours to have available the amount of money desired. Furthermore, with the assignment of the fifth, there is a further advantage from the point of view of the requirements and the ease with which it is possible to have access to the credit. Finally, as confirmed by customers in the opinions published online, the conditions of loans are very convenient , which is why loans are among the most demanded ever.