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Our opinion on The Yes, the personalized online shopping platform

Have you ever spent hours scrolling through your computer looking for a new dress to wear? Yeah me too.

This is especially true when you’re on department store websites. A short five-minute shopping break can easily turn into a mix of overly edgy designs, not your size and certainly not in your budget.

Not to mention, if you type in “black dress” on your favorite retailer’s website, fashion in the exactly the same command will generate on your friend’s computer – even if you lean more girly and she leans more edgy.

Why? This is how retail algorithms work.

welcome to The yes — The shopping platform that was launched in May 2020. It revolutionizes retail and makes shopping so much easier.

By taking a quick style quiz, you’ll get daily product and brand recommendations, plus a personalized feed showing exactly what you’re looking for, based on your size, budget and preferences.

What is Yes?

“The mission of The yes is to make shopping personalized, smarter, easier and more fun,” Taylor Tomasi Hill, the brand’s chief creative and fashion officer, told The Post. “If two people go to the same website to shop, the products shouldn’t appear in exactly the same order if we have completely different styles and wear different sizes. With The Yes, you can tell us these preferences.

Plus, the platform makes it easy to buy your favorite brands in a single pass.

“I can go buy a Bottega bag along with a Mango tank top and Everlane rain boots,” Hill adds. “On The Yes, everything is prioritized to what you love the most. And, you’ll still see things you’re less likely to like, just to make sure you’re not locked into a specific style.

How to start? It all starts with a style quiz, then you can start shopping. The best part? No more clicking on the self-proclaimed perfect top just to find it sold out in your size.

“We’ve launched our three-minute style quiz where you’ll answer questions about your size, your favorite brands and silhouettes, and your color preferences, and it will generate a personalized shopping feed with brand recommendations,” said Hill.

Is the Yes worth buying?

Yes, yes and yes. You should so store The yes.

Sure, there are plenty of other websites that claim to be “customized” with style quizzes galore, but this is the only platform that provides access to a whole host of brands to suit your style.

And the more you shop, the smarter it gets.

“The Yes is like Spotify – the more you listen, the smarter it gets,” Hill said. “It’s the same with The Yes – the more you shop, the smarter the platform.”

I had the pleasure of shopping at The yes and picked up a Madewell skirt I’ve been eyeing for months, a Mango white long sleeve t-shirt to add to my collection of basics and a pair of Madewell sandals after my flip flops broke by the pool this summer. All the pieces looked lovely when I tried them on too.

Returns and Exchanges

The yes works directly with the brand’s warehouses that ship products in-house. For all returns (which are free, by the way) and other customer service issues, The Yes takes care of everything to make it more transparent for the consumer.

I originally ordered a Madewell Coin necklace which unfortunately was shipped to me broken. But the return process was the easiest I have ever encountered. While it wasn’t The Yes’ fault for the shipping altercation, the brand did send out a free return label.

Plus, if you have credit on your account, you’ll instantly receive a refund on the spot.

Discover new brands

The yes

One of my favorite aspects of shopping on The yes is the discovery of new brands. Although I haven’t ordered from Farm Rio yet, it’s on my radar for next time I’ll buy from The Yes (not to mention that their prints are too colorful and just perfect for my next trip to Puerto Rico).

Additionally, I felt like a fashion student who had a personal stylist on the platform. I had a list of recommended brand references just for me, as well as a daily database offering me specific clothing recommendations. What’s better than that?

The bottom line

If you are about to start your next shopping spree, The yes is the place to be. At first, I thought, “Why shouldn’t I buy directly from the retailer’s website? But, having experienced the platform for myself, the convenience factor is second to none.

Buy the Yes. In fact, say “yes” to Yes – you won’t want to say no.

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