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Omega Datacube review – does it work or waste money? Know this first!


It’s here, it’s portable, and it’s time to automatically store your videos, voice memos, and photos in a compact device. The Omega DataCube uses advanced storage application and access detection capability. Although physically tiny, Omega DataCube is designed to support large file sizes of multiple iOS formats, including long and short video clips, contacts, and audio clips.

Omega DataCube uses state-of-the-art technology to continuously back up and store your files. This complete and intelligent solution comes with a memory capacity of 256 GB. A single cube can store more than 100,000 snapshots. The ability to offer flexibility, performance and ample storage space for media files automatically puts this device in a class of its own.

With fully redundant paths compatible with all operating systems, Omega DataCube automatically backs up new photos without you having to do anything. It eliminates the need to back up your items manually, saving money on setup, operation, and maintenance. All you need to do is plug the gadget into your phone’s charger USB port, charge your phone in the usual way, and let the microSD device perform the transfer services automatically.
The Omega DataCube application uses a visual interface to display well-arranged icons in a way that makes them easy to read, regardless of operating system.

Features of Omega DataCube

Storage size
If you have photos and video clips that total over 10,000, Omega DataCube with 32GB can accommodate them all, including audio. One with 64GB storage capacity can hold 25,000 photos and other videos. And if you have one with 256GB storage capacity, you can automatically store 102,000 photos while having extra space for videos, contacts, and extra stuff.

File Recovery
Inside this device is Built-in advanced software that will recover your photos if accidentally deleted. Whether you use Android or iOS you can quickly recover your lost documents.

Like the PhotoStick Omni, Omega DataCube uses the latest surface mount technology in the compact flash unit that fits multiple SD cards. The luxury of saving your documents to a removable device gives you the freedom to save or transfer them whenever and wherever you want. The best part is that you don’t have to ditch your current technology or change formats.

With more storage capacity and multi-compatibility features, it makes sense that the brand has incorporated high sensitivity into the software features of the gadget. With an advanced built-in protection system, no one can hack into or access what’s on your device except you.

Quick Backup
Although the device features a simple plug-in design, its advanced microSD allows it to access and save precious memories at exceptional speeds. One phone charging session is enough to transfer everything to the device.

With guaranteed Android and iPhone compatibility, users can choose this backup device. The device does not require any complex installation or configuration. It comes with software to make things easier.
Unlike cloud storage, this handy gadget helps in cloud minimization, reducing costs and other fees associated with storage upgrades. Plus, it makes it easy to access and store your files.

Omega DataCube is offered at a fraction of the cost of archiving to subscription-based cloud storage. In short, this microSD data backup device is affordable compared to similar products in the market. The company gives you up to 40% off when you buy Omega DataCube through their official website.

With all the speed and flexibility that Omega DataCube offers, many agree that Omega DataCube is one of the best true backup automation solutions for mobile phone users.

How to use Omega DataCube
In addition to being feature-rich, the Omega DataCube is ergonomically designed to protect the user’s memories. It does not require any technical knowledge to use this device, nor do you need to know how many cells your phone has.

Using Omega DataCube to back up files to your phone is as easy as plugging it into your phone while you charge it. A full charge is enough to save most photos, videos and audio files on your phone.

● Easy to use
● Portable and convenient to carry
● Fast backup speeds
● Guaranteed safety of stored items
● Relatively affordable backup solution
● 30-day money-back guarantee
● Fast and free shipping to all US states

The inconvenients
● Only available on brand website
● Limited stock

Order Omega DataCube
Everything on Omega DataCube is designed to be simple . The same goes for the ordering process. Although you can get it from online and physical third-party stores, we advise you to buy it from the brand’s official website for two reasons: first, you get generous discounts. Second, buying from the original manufacturer ensures that you are getting a genuine product, not an imitation.

It is simple to order the gadget through the brand’s website. All you have to do is visit the company’s website, where you will find all the details about the product, including the discounts offered. The ordering process involves choosing the variation you want. There are four storage options, which include:
● 32 GB (stores up to 12,800 photos and videos)
● 64 GB (stores up to 25,600 photos and videos)
● 128 GB (stores up to 51,200 photos and videos)
● 256 GB (stores up to 102,400 photos and videos)
On the checkout screen, you can choose the best deal you like. Shipping usually takes a few days in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to choose the right size of Omega DataCube?

The storage capacity to buy depends on your needs. If you have important video footage, including photos, music, and audio memos, go for 256GB. Backup storage of this size can hold over 100,000 photos, more than most mobile devices.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
The company ships the products within two days from the date of purchase. Typically, customers in the United States receive their orders within a week. However, international deliveries vary by country and can sometimes take up to a few months.

Do I need to buy additional cables?
The only cables you need are the usual accessories with your devices. Likewise, your Omega DataCube does not require additional cables beyond the one for charging your phone. Connect the USB ports of your charger back to back with that of the device.

Does the service have monthly fees or commitments?
The all-new Omega DataCube compact does not come with recurring commitments after purchase. Unlike cloud-based backup solutions, you only buy Omega DataCube once. No more monthly fees.

Is the cloud better than Omega DataCube?
There is no straight answer to this question. It all depends on your preferences. Besides requiring bundles and an internet connection to access the cloud, there are no guarantees of security once you upload your items to the cloud. You also risk losing your valuables if you don’t pay your monthly subscription on time.
Omega DataCube involves a one-time purchase. You can access its content and do not need Wi-Fi to download or access it. On the other hand, the cloud offers additional advantages, such as more storage space.

Is it possible to download files to a computer from Omega DataCube?
It is possible to save or download external content to your computer’s drive. However, this is tedious and time-consuming. Let Omega DataCube do the job seamlessly and faster. Just plug in your phone charger and sit back or continue with other tasks.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to store your data or need something with more advanced features, the Omega DataCube is worth considering. In addition to a better backup solution, Omega DataCube makes media file storage more user-friendly, private and flexible. Ideally, Omega DataCube is suitable for slow users who would take considerable time to search for different content on their devices.

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