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Norwich review: My son is queer (but what can you do)

12:14 3 September 2022

Rod Madge’s new musical is a one-man show and a familiar coming-of-age story for gay people and those who had that moment in school where they desperately tried to fit in.

Madge started sharing their homemade tapes of them dressing up in popular Disney costumes, performing parades and large-scale shows in their living room with their family on social media during the lockout and became famous on the networks social – it’s these hilarious and cute videos that create the backbone of this unique and important show.

The show centers on home videos that Rob and their family discovered during lockdown
– Credit: Mark Senior

Using a small array of props, Madge was able to transform the Playhouse Theater into a living room, making for a very intimate and personal show. All the props needed for the show are hidden in the set and make for some really sweet moments, including Madge revealing childhood costumes lovingly made by their family.

Rob talked about how difficult it is to put away costumes and try to fit in to make friends – a feeling that is somehow familiar to anyone who is different in some way.

The show has been expertly designed with videos fitting seamlessly into the show and the lighting elevates the whole concept.

Mark Senior

Rob’s storytelling is second to none
– Credit: Mark Senior

What really stood out about this show was Madge’s incredible talent for storytelling – telling the whole story in one act meant the audience didn’t have a chance to stop and think.

No, we were on this trip with Rob, which means there were times when there wasn’t a dry eye in that theater – sometimes the whole audience was laughing, and sometimes it was like they had need a box of tissues to pass around.

The show also featured some amazing costumes as part of a Disney parade.

The show also featured some amazing costumes as part of a Disney parade
– Credit: Mark Senior

Although Rob’s impeccable comedic timing carried the show from start to finish.

This show is truly unmissable – especially now, it’s so important for a theater like this to be seen, shared and talked about.

My Son’s a Queer (but what can you do) has another show at the Norwich Playhouse on September 3, 2022.

Although this show is moving to the West End – which is very well deserved.

Mark Senior

The show also asks the question of why children have to choose between girls’ toys and costumes and boys’ toys and costumes.
– Credit: Mark Senior

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