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New Restaurant Review: The Copperfield

An all-day restaurant and bar just on the south side from the Mendota Bridge, The Copperfield has a built-in audience, as it sits on the ground floor of a gleaming new seniors’ housing complex. Honestly this place looks great and what a treat for a community that lacks independent restaurants.

No, the food is not served with a side of Jell-O (haha, senior living center joke), but unfortunately some of the dishes we tried were bland.

The calamari is hand beaten, delicately fried and avoids the chewy, overdone consistency we sometimes see. (Is calamari making a comeback on menus? I know it never went out of style in some places!)

The combo of mejdool dates and well marinated beef in a skewered kebab appetizer was a nice surprise, as was the emphasis on local ham and turkey in the solid club sandwich.

But the beet salad was boring, and even our server told us that none of the entrees really excited him.

The dough had a nice buttery crust, but the filling had no depth, just a bite of dull ground beef.

But if you stick to entrees and sandwiches, you’ll be fine. The burger was cooked well and covered in cheese.

Frankly, the welcoming service was the best part of what is definitely a neighborhood favorite. Many of the staff are Lexington veterans in St. Paul.

735 Maple St., Mendota Heights, 651-340-5144,

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