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The Department of the Air Force launched a new website for past and present Airmen and Guardians to correct their military records, April 5.

Members, and those who submit on their behalf, may submit requests and supporting documents to four commissions: the Air Force Commission for Correction of Military Records, the Air Force Discharges Review Commission Air Force, Department of Defense Discharge Appeals Review Board, and Department of Defense Physical Disability Board. Review.

“Across the Air Force, our workload has steadily increased with more and more requests for corrections to records, but without a corresponding increase in manpower,” said Clifford Tompkins, Air Force Review Boards Agency Director of Mission Support. “We needed to become more efficient and one area identified was the physical time it takes to process paper mail, so the idea of ​​having an electronic way that people can apply made sense.”

The Air Force Review Boards Agency has been working on the new website since last year to improve the efficiency of record corrections. To make the portal accessible to current and former members of the service, the website does not require a common access card. Instead, a unique electronic application number will be provided to track each case.

Despite the launch of the website, members can still submit requests by mail; however, processing times may be slower. Members can use their unique electronic application number to check the status of their application, whether it was submitted online or by mail.

“In the application portal, we have designed a decision tree that guides members through the process of determining which council to apply to and determining their eligibility to apply based on their department and the issue they are facing. are trying to fix for the records,” Tompkins explained.

In addition, the website will serve as a one-stop source of information on seven other tips:
– Air Force Civilian Appeals Review Office
– Air Force Personnel Commission
– Civil and Military Service Review Board
– Foreign government employment
– Secretary of the Air Force Staff Council
– Secretary of the Air Force Remission Board
– Directorate of Security Protection

“Despite conflicting information across the web, our intent is to provide updated and unified information through this single site, describing all of our councils, their requirements, eligibility, and methods of applying for these councils,” Tompkins said.

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