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Moxy Chelsea, New York – Business Traveler


The 350 rooms are small (about 17 square meters), but feel larger, partly because of the floor-to-ceiling windows and partly because of the design that makes the most of the available space.

There are hangers along the wall opposite the bed (rather than wardrobes), storage space under the bed (including the laptop-sized safe) and the narrow sink in the hallway when you enter the room opposite the separate toilet and good sized shower. There were a few small water bottles for sale at the pool ($5 each), but if you have a refillable bottle (and you should!) there’s a place to refill it in the fitness center from the basement.

The toiletry dispensers in the shower are on the wall, good for the environment, although it is difficult to get anything out of them, but there is no separate bin for recycling.

There is a large mirror by the door, the bed is very comfortable and there is a small desk that folds away from the wall and a folding chair (when you arrive it hangs on the wall – I thought that was the rack first). I don’t think you would want to work at the table sitting in that chair for long, and if I had I would have needed medical help to leave the room, but the table is a good place to tidy up and charge things, and there are also charging points all around the room, including USB docking stations and US main sockets on both sides of the double bed.

There are a limited number of room types, with standard rooms on floors 4-21 and then city view rooms on floors 22-32. Note that one side of the building faces the Empire State Building, and so you want (if available) to have one on one of the upper floors, although there aren’t many. There are 226 King rooms (17.7 m²), then another five of them are King View; The double rooms are (18 m²) and there are 95 of them, with only five other double views). Some rooms can accommodate four people. These are called a Quad Bunk. There are 17, and then there’s the Mondo Suite which is 70m² with no bedrooms (when you’d use it as an event space), or can be used with one or two adjoining king bedrooms.

The best rooms are located higher up in the building and on one side they have an exceptional view of the Empire State Building. In fact, this view is one of the best I’ve seen in over 50 visits to New York. Yes, you can stay south of Central Park, but the price for that view would be four times as much. I spent a lot of time taking photos of the view, especially when a praying mantis came to visit and stare at me through the window. I wasted about an hour filming him, but to be honest he seemed just as interested in me. It was also fun to watch him walk up and down the Empire State Building, although instead of Godzilla he looked more like the insect from Edgar Allen Poe’s story, The Sphinx (Interestingly written in a time of contagion – cholera – and located just north of New Rok in a house overlooking the Hudson.)

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