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Monaci delle Terre Nere, Sicily hotel reviews

Why book Monaci delle Terre Nere?

For premier Sicilian cuisine and romantically designed dens scattered across the volcanic slopes of this slow-motion and soul-nourishing estate.

Address of the hotel: Monaci delle Terre Nere, Via Monaci, Via Pietralunga, sn, 95019 Zafferana etnea CT, Italy
Phone number: +39 095 708 3638
Price from: £ 232 per night

Set the scene

Soft jazz floats over a volcanic pool, ice tinkles in Sicilian gin and tonic glasses and the gentle curve of the eastern slope of Etna towards the Ionian Sea draws the eye to rugged vineyards, olive groves, apricot and clementine trees. where a lush green meets, close to the tropics the sea. Welcome to one of Sicily’s most elegant country hotels – an elevated version of rural simplicity, where the morning mist accumulates along the vines combing the mountains. hills, the distant church bell and the cricket soundtrack allay any local ailments. Within the peach-colored, blistered walls of the main house – a carefully renovated 17th-century monastery – a mix of antiques and avant-garde decor (seemingly the baseline in these stretches), hosts an extraordinary farm-to-farm operation. the fork, granting the hotel its agriturismo status. Outside, lighted nooks in ancient walls guide well-oiled Europeans and exhilarated New Yorkers home after long evenings spent drinking the estate’s wine under the stars.

The backstory

As one of Sicily’s most prestigious country hotels, Monaci delle Terre Nere was ahead of its time in harnessing top-notch produce from its volcanic soil for a theatrical, yet classically straightforward destination restaurant. Owner and wine connoisseur Guido Coffa has skillfully refined a high organic and local philosophy – and this is reflected in the design. Coffa respectfully renovated the main building; all contemporary additions are graced with sympathetic stones and materials, though the slightly racy modern art makes no apologies. Around it, 60 hectares of vineyards, fruit trees, herb gardens and olive groves seem to engulf a scattering of renovated barns and private villas – all meticulously stitched into this bucolic painting.

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