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Miss Jackson’s serves up Southern comfort food at a high price – The Lafayette


Adding to the growing list of New faces in College Hill this semester, Don Juan owner Juan Martinez opened Miss Jackson’s Kitchen. Offering a menu with southern accents, Miss Jackson’s is located in the McCartney Street space previously occupied by the Trolley Stop Diner.

The Lafayette editorial staff made the short trip from the newsroom to Miss Jackson to try out some items from their extensive menu.

We started with a classic bacon and cheddar omelet. There’s not much to say here, but nothing to complain about either: crispy bacon and a hearty amount of cheese. Next we tried the chocolate chip pancakes. Opinions on this were mixed from our editorial team. When combined with hot maple syrup, I personally enjoyed the dish.

Then came the hot chicken sandwich with habanero infused honey and pickles on a biscuit roll. All of our participating staff agreed that it was delicious. The chicken was crispy and juicy, and the hot honey added the needed spiciness.

Finally, the beauty of the ball: prawns and oatmeal. According to Martinez himself, it’s his favorite dish on the menu, and we can see why. The two editors who tried this dish are northerners, so we can’t speak to the authentic southern quality of the dish, but it was certainly delicious. The grits had excellent texture and flavor and the shrimp complemented it well. I can see this being the perfect hot breakfast on a cold fall day. This dish was comfort food at its best.

Frequent Trolley Stop patrons will be introduced to Miss Jackson’s furniture and decor. Tables and booths are the same, with a few different wall decor pieces thrown into the mix. Among the new additions are couches, a wall of succulents, and infused water dispensers — all the ingredients for a cozy hotel lobby.

With its own Wi-Fi network, cafe menu and raised window seats, Miss Jackson would make a lovely backdrop for a weekend study session.

Miss Jackson’s is particularly convenient for a number of reasons. First, the location makes it a realistic option for students without a car who want to stay on the Hill. Its service is also fast – much faster than its predecessor, the Trolley Stop. You order and pay at a kiosk, eliminating the hassle of waiting for a check. When your meal is finished, servers call your name and deliver it to your table, making for a casual yet enjoyable dining experience.

Speaking of payment, there is a pitfall at Miss Jackson: the price. The restaurant does not accept meals – don’t believe anyone who tells you this is a meal plan option – and the Pard Dollars reader is not yet operational. Although I recommend the shrimp and grits bowl, it will cost you $15 to see what it is. The food at Miss Jackson is good and different from anything on campus, but I don’t see it as a regular destination for college students on a budget.

If you visit Miss Jackson’s, don’t make the same mistake our editorial team made and try to visit Miss Jackson’s for dinner – the restaurant is currently only open for breakfast and lunch from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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