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Massato London – Hair Salon Review

I had heard about Massato through some acquaintances and friends and visiting the salon had since been on my to-do list. This is because anyone who raved about the magic touch of Massato was always the proud owner of shiny and flawless hair. So when I was offered the chance to review her salon, I was on my way before you had the chance to say split ends…

The lounge is tucked away on a small side street in South Kensington, a short walk from the tube station. On the day of my date it was drizzling lightly and my (neglected) locks quickly turned into a frizzy mess.

I find the living room easily, the beautiful whites and modern design stand out on the quaint street.

My appointment was early because the living room was quite quiet. I was greeted by one of the stylists who introduced himself and said he will be my hairdresser for the appointment and that Massato himself will be there later.

Massato London hair salon

The living room is medium in size, with one floor for cuts and one downstairs for color. It is very eclectic and modern with strange, pretty and original objects. (I immediately fell in love with the dressing table in the image above!)

My stylist studied my locks before calling the colourist. They both looked at my hair, (mostly speaking French) – before asking what treatment I would like. I told them I was completely in their hands, leaving them free to do to my hair whatever they wanted.

They then explained that my hair was too dark for my skin tone and gave a number of different tips to help take care of my hair. It was agreed then that they would be try to find my natural color (strawberry blonde) and advise against home dyeing kits that my hair has suffered for several years,

My treatment started with a brand new cut and shape designed to highlight and highlight my face. This cut took about half an hour – 45 minutes and I was glad he didn’t cut too much!

After that I am directed downstairs to the colorist who explains how she will need to bleach my hair in order to remove the darker color and place the blonde on top.

Massato London hair salon

Massato London hair salon

She explained how they now use cling film instead of foils to dye the hair to let in moisture, and besides looking really silly, I can see what she means.

The bleaching process took about an hour from start to finish and then since it hadn’t quite caught my hair (it had a very yellow tone unlike the white we were hoping for) we had to do this again for another hour.

At that time I was given a number of magazines to read and offered me tea – nothing was too much trouble for them, and the service was truly impeccable.

Massato London hair salon

After this process was completed and my hair was pretty much completely white, she chose a blonde color to put on top – a beautiful golden ash shade. This app took an hour longer, but again, I never felt forgotten or neglected, nor did I feel suffocated. Once this was completed I was shown upstairs and my hair was dried and styled my hair into beautiful voluminous curls.

Massato London hair salon

So if you are looking for a place to really pamper your head and a 5 * haircut, look no further than Massato …

54 Fulham Road
020 3620 6183

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