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Mallorca Restaurant Review: Breakfast at Hotel Naisa

Newspapers and magazines keep telling us that a good breakfast is a good start to the day. What none of them are saying is that it can keep us moving for the next 24 hours. At least that’s what it did to me.

I wanted to have a buffet breakfast in one of the hotels in the center of Palma and finally chose the Naisa hotel in Simó Ballester street, right next to the national police headquarters and just around the corner Newsletter desks.

My Nostalgic English Eggs and Bacon

It is an average breakfast which costs 12€. Hotel Almudaina in Jaime III offers one for €8 and some of the larger hotels in Illetas charge €28 — and you’ll pay even more at luxury hotels like the Victoria and Son Vida.

I’m sure most readers know that these breakfasts are a lot of fun and that they have just about any kind of breakfast you want.

There was a good choice of cereals
There was a good choice of cereals.

They have a huge selection of grains and cereals with at least half a dozen kinds of milk sitting on cold plates to keep them at the right low temperature.

Whether yogurt and fresh fruit are your way of breaking your fast, so the choice is huge: I haven’t seen such a variety of fresh fruits since the last time I had a buffet breakfast at the hotel.

The choice of possible goodies is so vast that most people don’t know where to start. This, however, was not one of my problems – I had previously decided that I would have a generous plate of smoked salmon to start, followed by a Bacon and boiled eggs.

For those who want charcuterie and cheese
For those who want charcuterie and cheese.

At these breakfasts, and also hotel buffet brunches, the amount of smoked salmon I eat is always worth way more than the price of the full breakfast… which makes breakfast a good buy. I never eat smoked salmon with a knife and fork. At Hotel Naisa, I broke small pieces off a grain and seed roll, spread them with butter, and topped them with separate slices of smoked salmon with my fingers.

When I bit into this mound of culinary bliss, I first came into contact with the texture and flavor of the salmon, then followed the rich buttery taste and finally the almost chewy piece of roll.
It all added up to pure epicurean bliss. And there’s no need for the intervention of a three-star Michelin chef. It was DIY gourmet ecstasy and at a price many of us can afford. And there was no effort involved.

I even had an ensaimada and a croissant
I even had an ensaimada and a croissant.

While there are dozens of possible breakfast combinations, anything after this smoked salmon masterpiece was bound to be an anti-climax. But even so, I’ve put together a really nice deal of English bacon and eggs: I made it with two fried eggs, several strips of streaky bacon, a few segments of thick sausage, baked beans, and a triangle of potato cake.

The big surprise here was the fried eggs. They are kept hot in a lidded container, but once on the plate they look like they have been fried to order. The whites were soft and fluffy and not solid and like plastic, which you get elsewhere, and the yolks were at least half runny.

The sausages were surprisingly tasteless (Mallorcan thins are bursting with flavor) and the potato cakes are obviously purchased and were a huge disappointment. They should drop them because they are not necessary: ​​there is so much of everything else.

My plate of smoked salmon, with butter and pieces of roll
My plate of smoked salmon, with butter and pieces of roll.

Although I didn’t stuff myself too much with this really nice variety of breakfast foods, I knew I wouldn’t have lunch. That day was the eve of Sant Joan when a lot of people go to the beach to eat and party, but I went to the terrace of an Illetas hotel with some friends and had a gin and tonic.

I had thought I might have a plate of fries at some point, but I didn’t even feel like eating a single fries.
I didn’t eat again until the next morning (exactly 24 hours later) when I had breakfast at the office: two small pieces of toasted baguette with a Galician cheese filling and one with butter and marmalade bitter oranges. I was back to normal after my delightful visit to Hotel Naisa.


The buffet has a huge selection of breakfast combinations and there are items to suit everyone’s preferences.


Breakfast is €12 pp and there are no extras – there couldn’t be any, unless you want your morning coffee black with a shot of brandy. In the past, many Majorcans started their day like this: it was a common drink and was called “carajillo”.

The verdict

If you’re one of those people who can’t deal with food first thing in the morning (and a lot of my friends are like that), then a breakfast buffet isn’t for you. But if you can manage some smoked salmon, English eggs and bacon and maybe an ensaimada with a few cafes con leche, then you’ll get more than your money’s worth when you’re having breakfast at the hotel. Naisa. The hotel should cater to the varying tastes of the average person when it comes to breakfast and the wide range of items will appeal to even the most discerning of breakfast eaters. I rated the smoked salmon as a 10 due to its lovely texture and taste. The eggs for the boiled eggs and bacon were probably cooked in individual molds then kept warm, and they were the most successful, the whites soft and fluffy and my two still runny yolks. Potato pancakes are not good and should be given up. The cafe was splendid. I had cortados and cafes con leche and they were the best I’ve tasted in a long time. Since the Naisa Hotel is just around the corner from the Bulletin offices, I’ll stop by for a coffee from time to time. The management, however, got zero points for one thing: they didn’t have a daily newspaper in the dining room or at reception. Ashamed.

The place

Hotel Naisa, Calle Simó Ballester, Palma. It is next to the national police headquarters, just around the corner from the Bulletin offices. It is not necessary to reserve a table. Just tell one of the waitresses that you are not a hotel guest but are having breakfast. It is served daily from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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