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Maison De La Luz New Orleans

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  • Maison de la Luz is a beautifully curated hotel from the same group behind Ace Hotels with upscale interior design and a luxurious feel not commonly found in New Orleans.
  • With an emphasis on design and sophisticated rooms, guest amenities and on-site amenities are limited, though visitors can access the Ace Hotel across the street to use the pool and other facilities.
  • Rooms start at $ 269, which is a bit steep for the city, but remains constant throughout the year outside of Mardi Gras and major festivals, and is good value for those looking for a more luxurious stay than other NoLa hotels can offer.
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Ace hotels are known to be minimalist, modern, and hip, but generally not associated with luxury. Now that has changed with the launch of the brand’s new venture, Maison de la Luz, which features an incredibly artistic interior design concept brought to you by the beloved Los Angeles design team, Studio Shamshiri.

Its stated aim is to raise the level of luxury available in New Orleans and it has quickly become a great alternative to other upscale hotels such as The Roosevelt or The Ritz-Carlton, offering more privacy and service. personalized.

Maison de la Luz is the second concept of Ace Hotel Group apart from their usual properties; the other is Sister City New York, which we also looked at previously. It stands out among a wave of recent openings in the Central Business District, attracting travelers who appreciate sophistication and a level of exclusivity that only small luxury hotels can offer. It almost feels like a guest in a chic luxury townhouse.

I spent one night in a King room, an entry-level room, which went through review. The 300 square foot space is one of the most impressive entry-level rooms I’ve seen in the city. Deluxe Suites (starting at $ 439), One Bedroom Suites (starting at $ 1,199) and Grand Studio Suites (also starting at $ 1,199) are available for those on a higher budget who are are looking for more spacious rooms with the most attractive interior design.

With an emphasis on accommodation, on-site amenities are limited except for an impressive lounge and bar. However, it was easy to cross the road from sister property Ace Hotel New Orleans and enjoy a quick workout and dip in their rooftop pool, which is a privilege extended to all House guests. Luz. I appreciated the feeling of relative isolation at Maison de la Luz, as well as the reassurance of having the management of a full service hotel.

Sure, there are cheaper Standard Rooms at competing four- and five-star hotels in New Orleans, but they’re decidedly less alluring in terms of the striking aesthetics I’ve observed here.

Read on to see why I was so impressed with Maison de la Luz.

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