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Lucinda O’Sullivan’s restaurant review: Expensive, disappointing food with Irish flavor at Anna Haugh’s Conrad pop-up


My first night visit to Anna Haugh’s pop-up at Dublin’s five-star Conrad Hotel in Dublin 2 was an eerie experience. Disturbing in a way, because I was really looking forward to it and, frankly, I was a bit shocked by its flaws. I’d had all the PR blurb, but I was already admiring the success of this Tallaght-born chef across the water. Haugh has her own restaurant, Myrtle, in Chelsea and is a regular on Saturday Kitchen and now she’s a judge on MasterChef: The Professionals.

It all goes out the window, however, when you’re sitting in an unlit cabin, watching the breakfast tables set for morning service, the rain literally falling on your head. We were offered the option to move under the leaky glass roof, but were refused a table in the middle of the floor.

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