Loans for the self-employed without collateral

January 7, 2019


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A self-employed loan is a difficult business if no collateral is provided. As a rule, banks thoroughly check whether the applicant fulfills certain criteria before awarding a loan amount. For the credit institution, this check is important to secure the return of the lent sum. Since self-employed persons can not provide one of the main criteria, namely a foreseeable, fixed and regular income, they often have problems obtaining a loan from the bank, which often means that only a private loan is eligible. If the person concerned does not know anyone who can lend him money in the form of such a personal loan, the matter becomes more and more difficult because, for example, the car loan can not be taken up or the planned rescheduling can not be carried out. Loans for the self-employed without collateral are by no means impossible, even if banks often give this impression.

What are the options if the bank refuses the loan?

If the bank does not agree to lending and even a personal loan from friends or relatives is out of the question, a credit comparison that can be made quickly and easily on the Internet can lead to the desired amount of money. An online loan often has good conditions and, depending on the total, can even be applied for without the often dreaded Schufa information. Some of them are sometimes even available as instant loans – which is particularly attractive for the self-employed, as they often need spontaneously money for well-conditioned investments, repairs or repairs.

With regard to an online installment loan , it is important to pay attention to a reputable provider and to read the terms and conditions closely, because even loan agreements concluded in this way are legally binding. Provide information about the trustworthiness of a provider, in addition to testimonials from other customers, the seals of the TÜV and test reports from different institutions. Through a credit comparison, such as at smava, it is possible to apply for self-employed loans without collateral quickly, easily and discreetly and to select the best conditions. Such flexible forms of financing allow craftsmen, freelancers, artists, and startup entrepreneurs to continue working with financial security and new financial freedom.