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Jamie Oliver’s Budapest restaurant gets a scathing review


Every chef has had the nightmare of having a bad review once in their life. But those fears likely fade after years of success and fame in the industry. Jamie Oliver is one of those big names in the business. He’s done everything from YouTube to owning restaurants. So a scathing review is probably the last thing he expects.


Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Budapest gets a scathing review

Recently, Oliver’s restaurant in Budapest had to endure the wrath of an angry customer who left a fierce review for the food served at the star chef’s restaurant. The reviewer went so far as to say that they would rather “die” than eat at the establishment again. Criticism has exploded across the internet as Oliver is not only an established chef, but he’s also written cookbooks and is a renowned restaurateur. The chef is famous for his laid-back approach to food, which has earned him popularity on TV.

The detrimental review was posted on Tripadvisor by the customer. It said: “I thought Jamie Oliver was famous for helping kids eat better in food canteens. Well, he probably did. All the bad food he took from the cafeteria he brought to the table of this restaurant (sic). »

The guest further explained his experience of the place: “The salads were sweet, the sweet potatoes looked like cake batter, and the sauces were sweet. I will send my hospital the diabetes bill. This restaurant was truly an experience. When asked if I would say it again, I would gladly answer, “‘I’d rather die’.”

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More customers have rated Jamie Oliver’s restaurant

This wasn’t the only bad review the restaurant received on the website. Another reviewer advised others not to go to Oliver’s: ‘I was seated for 10 minutes before anyone bothered to give me a menu. Even if they were silent! I won’t be going back. When I asked for a drink I was told I had to wait. Not good.” Another customer complained about the staff at the place and wrote, “Eye rolls served instead of rolls?

One reviewer was visibly angry at the price of the restaurant and left a scorching response on the website: “The food was lackluster and very very expensive, not worth paying attention to the 14% charge. Absolute waste, made me feel ripped off. The staff weren’t responsive either. Does not bear his name.

Although recently these bad reviews have cornered the front pages of reviews for the restaurantnot everyone left the place unsatisfied.

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