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London hotels tend to be big and brash and bold or corporate and faceless.

But there is room for a more calm and mindful experience, even in zone 1.

I checked into Inhabit Hotels on Southwick Street in Paddington this summer to try this city hotel which operates at a slower and quieter pace than most of the city.

Inhabit hotel review

A series of Georgian terraces have been grouped together to create an 88-room maze behind the magnificent plant-strewn facade on a quiet London street, a 10-minute walk from Paddington Station.

This is Inhabit’s first hotel in London and there are plans to open a second in 2022.

The rooms

Sit back and relax at the Inhabit Hotel.

Wellness here means sleeping soundly, being undisturbed, and finding inventive and soothing ways to make your stay here as peaceful as possible.

There are aromatherapy sprays in the room, designed to help you sleep.

There’s a wooden chest you can throw your phone in for a digital detox.

While each bedroom is comfortably sized, it doesn’t feel cramped, and the luxurious bedding, mattresses, and toiletries make it more than just a place to sleep.

Carefully selected local artwork, magazines and books all display the kind of life you wished to have, while each bedroom has maximized the available space with clever open wardrobes and wooden shelving.

It’s a bit like sleeping at Muji.

bed and desk in a hotel room

The atmosphere

The central idea of ​​Inhabit hotels is “urban well-being”. Find some peace and quiet in the hustle and bustle of London.

Plants, macrame, neutral tones and a touch of retro design make it an Instagrammer’s paradise. I love the egg chair ‘meditation station’ where you can upload meditations via an iPad and snuggle up with a big pair of headphones and I challenge myself to sit there cheeky in my calm zone as other guests cross on their way out.

Inhabit packs a lot into a small space, like many of its fellow city dwellers. There’s also a nice (small) two-story atrium for yoga and pilates and an infrared sauna for physical well-being and a quiet library where you can curl up with a good book and a cup of herbal tea.

egg chair and dreamcatcher

“Plants, macrame, neutral tones and a touch of retro design make this an Instagrammer’s paradise”

The food

At the moment, the downstairs cafe is run by health food pioneers, Yeotown, and is available for breakfast and lunch.

Light streams in from the tall Georgian windows as we gather around a communal Skandi-style table, piled high with books and plants, and order a vegetarian or vegan breakfast. The eggs, avocado toast and granola are popular and are beautifully prepared on stoneware plates.

The room looks half cafe and half office, as hanging Ercol chairs and pretty tapestries add a vaguely academic air.

Ethically roasted coffee is delivered to us in glass cups, cold pressed juices add a splash of color to the table and even after eating, persistence is encouraged.

There’s also a self-service pantry stocked with local, sustainable vendors and snacks that feel good and taste great.

wooden table and chairs in a light cafe

The Lasting Bit

Inhabit is about creating a luxury hotel that has a lighter footprint on the planet.

Whether it’s working with social enterprises, B Corps and charities to stock their rooms and partnering with community projects or running mindfulness and wellness programs for guests , Inhabit has a holistic approach to creating a sustainable hotel in London.

Communal water taps can be found on each floor with glass bottles to fill and take to your room, bicycles are available for your use and walking and running routes can be suggested by the reception team.

blue toned walls and desk in a library

3 Reasons Why You Should Book Inhabit Hotels

1. Inhabit Hotel accepts dogs. It’s not often a hotel this central in London that happily accepts your dogs, but Inhabit really makes them feel at home and makes you feel relaxed. Doggos also get their own Casper memory foam dog beds.

2. There are daily yoga classes, morning meditation sessions and locally guided walks.

3. Inhabit truly believes in community and proudly showcases the sustainable makers and artists, candle makers, and skin care brands they work with in every room and throughout the hotel. Discover them here.

Book a stay at Inhabit Hotels.

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